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Green Lantern Wants to Know If You’ve “Got Milk?”

Check out these ads featuring Green Lantern.  Not only does he want to know if you’ve “Got Milk?”, he’s also not ashamed to say in the UK that milk is his choice for “Hero Fuel”. Oh, and check out Rupert Grint. Looks like this Harry Potter alum drinks Hero Fuel …

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Green Lantern: Warner Bros. Unveils a Winning Trailer

Now THIS is a trailer! Now I am psyched to see this movie. Action, adventure, super heroes, villains, a dash of Ryan Reynolds’ humor and intensity, Blake Lively…Wait a minute. What is Blake Lively doing in a comic book movie? She’s one busy gal this year. And you know you’ve …

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3 Reasons Why Conan the Barbarian Might Suck

Tomorrow I’m going to go and see Conan the Barbarian starring Jason Momoa, so I have been desperately trying to avoid spoilers of any kind because I don’t want to go into the movie with any preconceived notions. Spoilage is everywhere and it has been very hard not to take …

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Which Superhero Movie Are You Most Looking Forward to Seeing?

It seems that 2011 is the year of the superhero movie. So, I was wondering: Which superhero movie are you most looking forward to seeing? Not sure? Undecided? Check out the awesome trailers below! Don’t see your favorite in the list? Don’t like superhero movies? Leave me a comment and …

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Ryan Reynolds Is People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive

Green Lantern and Sexiest Man Alive? Now I understand how he ended up married to Scarlett Johansson. And he’s from beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We sure know how to grow ’em, eh?

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