Author Interview with Sean Hayden, Writer of Origins

Origins by Sean Hayden

Origins by Sean Hayden

Sean Hayden is the author of Origins, a paranormal thriller that brings an exciting new twist to the supernatural creature arena. Missed my review? Here’s an excerpt:

As the title suggests, Origins, the first title in the Demonkin series written by Sean Hayden, lays down the foundation for this intriguing new paranormal mythos filled with supes of all kinds. Vampires are alive and well in Chicago — they are also out in the open and working in law enforcement. In Origins, author Sean Hayden introduces us to a new breed of vampire, making us question everything we think we know about them…[Read more…]

Sean was awesome enough to sit down with me and answer a few questions about Origins, writing, and his new short story Lady Dorn. So, without further ado, here’s what I had to ask him.

The Scribe’s Desk: How did you get started writing?

Sean Hayden: With pen and paper in first grade. OH! You meant novels. Sheesh. That’s easy. I was in Barnes & Noble. They had a whole display of this new series that had just come out. Honestly I don’t even remember the title or author. I just remember looking at the shiny cover and thinking, “THAT LOOKS AWESOME!” I bought all three books of the series. When I got home, I immediately cracked open the first book and began reading! How that piece of crap ever got published is beyond my feeble comprehension of the fairness of the universe. I was so mad. I stopped after the first half of the first book and never read the other two. Currently they are being used to level my dining room table. Anyway, it was reading that hunk of printed garbage that put the idea in my head…”I can do better than that!”

The Scribe’s Desk: What gave you the idea for Origins?

Sean Hayden: My nine year old daughter is Obsessed with vampires. It’s like Justin Bieber –> VAMPIRES –> Everything else in the world. I think we’ve seen every television show and movie dedicated to the subject. The problem was in each movie or show, the vampires were different. How do they make other vampires in this one, daddy? Does silver kill these vampires, daddy? How come these vampires don’t burst into flame in the sun, daddy? Daddy? Well, that gave birth to Origins. I thought it would be fun to explain all the different legends of the vampires as them being different subspecies of vampires. I had a lot of fun creating the mythos around the idea.

The Scribe’s Desk: Ah, yes. The allure of Justin Bieber and vampires. She must think you’re so cool for inventing a new vampire universe. I have to admit that I was fascinated with the fact that your main character was female. Why did you choose to write from that perspective?

Sean Hayden: A lot of my MC’s are female. I am probably one of the LEAST feminine people you will ever meet. That being said (to protect my reputation) writing from the female perspective is so much more vast, leaves the character responses to situations endless, and makes your characters way more three dimensional. Being a guy, I can say this. We’re not that deep. Our responses are usually based upon three things (I’m sorry, but my male union card prevents me from divulging the three stimuli in our decision making process). I’m sure if you thought about it you could figure it out, but I’m probably going to get in trouble for even giving that hint.

The Scribe’s Desk: Lol. There’s that humor I was talking about. Yes, females are like an ocean. I agree with you, the possibilities are endless. Good point. Can you describe what your daily writing routine is? What time of day (or night) is your favorite time to write?

Sean Hayden: I have no daily routine. I write when I can. I have a full time job as a fiberoptic engineer at a local telecom company. I am SR Acquisitions Editor for Echelon Press. I also edit, have two children, a multitude of pets, and a giant house that consistently needs cleaning. I’m lucky if I can squeeze it in on weekends!

The Scribe’s Desk: That is so inspiring, Sean. And impressive. It’s amazing that you get any writing done! Where do your best ideas come from? What inspires you?

Sean Hayden: EVERYTHING! I am one of those people who can write a thousand word dissertation on the migratory habits of #2 lead pencils from the top drawer of the desk, across the great linoleum tundra, to the darkest reaches of the cushions of the land of couch. Hyperactive imagination? Me? Hell yes.

The Scribe’s Desk: Lol! That’s so funny. I’m convinced! What genres do you enjoy reading?

Sean Hayden: Everything except romance. ~shudder~ No I don’t want to read an epic novel about a pirate named Captain Swizzlestick ravaging a buxom stowaway and then enticing her to leave her cushy Victorian lifestyle to be the saucy pirate wench who tames his heart and his sword. Ick.
Other than that, I’ll read just about anything fictional. I read non-fiction on a dare once.

The Scribe’s Desk: I enjoy all kinds of fiction too. Which authors have influenced your writing style?

Sean Hayden: I don’t try to emulate anyone. I’ve been compared to people I’ve never heard of. That was nice.
I actually don’t think ANY author’s writing is significantly influenced by solitary authors. Our voice is comprised of everything we have ever read and every experience we have ever lived through. I know, I know that was a pretty astounding answer from a person such as myself, but it is true. Our personality leaks into our writing, not another author’s style.

The Scribe’s Desk: That’s very true. Writing is very revealing about who you are as a person. What are you working on now? When can we expect Book 2 in the series?

Sean Hayden: Book 2 is called Deceptions and it will be out later this year! I’m a little excited. As to what I’m working on now, I just submitted my part of a steampunk anthology coming out from Echelon Press later this year as well. Now I’m back to working on a series of short stories with my son. We’re writing YA steampunk novellas for young readers. The first one is called First Flight and will be out March 15th. The series is called The Magnificent Steam Carnival of Professor Pelusian Minus. We’re having a ball with it.

Lady Dorn A Short Story by Sean Hayden

Lady Dorn A Short Story by Sean Hayden

The Scribe’s Desk: That sounds so exciting and like a lot of fun. Tell us a wee bit about your short story Lady Dorn. It’s an interesting concept. Where did you come up with the idea?

Sean Hayden: I had barely even heard of the steampunk genre before I wrote Dorn. It was sort of a challenge from my publisher who is absolutely enraptured by the whole idea. I fell in love with it too. For my first attempt I kind of wanted a lifeline, so I introduced the familiarity of vampires into it as well. Sort of like a blanky. Now, I don’t need the blanky anymore and am writing more steampunk than anything else!
As for the idea for Dorn, I have no idea. I write as I go and the story took shape. I’m planning on both a pre and sequel to the story as well.

The Scribe’s Desk: Isn’t it amazing how things happen? What a great opportunity to hone your craft and have fun while doing it. What else can we expect from you in the future?

Sean Hayden: I have more steampunk on the way. The third of the Demonkin series is starting. I also have a YA urban fantasy in the works that’s almost completed called Soul Seeker. It’s about a boy (yes boy, I’m writing male perspective this time) who sells his soul for his fondest wish. He comes up with a clever idea to save his soul and ends up with more than he bargained for!

The Scribe’s Desk: Wow, Sean! You are a writing machine! Are there any tips or any advice you can give to aspiring authors?

Sean Hayden: For the love of God, never give up. If writing is something you enjoy, do it. If you have a story to tell, there will always be somebody willing to listen to it.

And there you have it! Thanks immensely Sean for chatting with The Scribe’s Desk! I’m looking forward to everything you have lined up. It sounds like 2011 is going to be a busy and exciting time for you. Happy writing!

Author Sean HaydenSean Hayden works in South Florida as a Fiber-optic Engineer for a cable communications company.

Born in the Suburbs of Chicago he relocated to Florida as a child, where he grew up and attended school at a small Catholic elementary and high school. It was there, in literature class, he fell in love with books. Vampires especially fascinated him as well as the realm of possibilities of the urban fantasy genre. This fascination gave birth to his first novel, Origins. The sequel, Deceptions is under contract and will be out later this year!

He lives at home with his wife, children, and a plethora of pets.

Follow @shaydenFL on Twitter and connect with him on Facebook!

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  1. Thanks for a great interview, Kyra! Had a lot of fun. 😀

  2. Thanks for a great interview, Kyra! Had a lot of fun. 😀

  3. So did I! Thanks for chatting with me!

  4. So did I! Thanks for chatting with me!

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