Author Keta Diablo and Blog Tour de Force Day 7

Where the Rain is Made by Keta Diablo

Where the Rain is Made by Keta Diablo

Welcome back everyone! It’s week number 2 and day 7 of the “Get Loaded” Blog Tour de Force, an Indie Book Collective event. So far we’ve met up with some pretty hot authors and the next stop on the tour is no exception. The next author blog on the tour is that of Keta Diablo, author of Where the Rain is Made. It just happens to be lucky book number 7 on this smashing blog tour!

Where the Rain is Made is a scorcher! It’s a story about “Cesca” a.k.a. Francesca DuVall and the feared and revered Meko, leader of a fearsome Cheyenne tribe of the Colorado plains. Yet Meko is much, much more than he seems. He is a time traveller from the future who is also a museum curator named Ethan Gray. He travels back in time to help his People, and on one of the raids he carries out as the leader of the ferocious Cheyenne dog soldiers, he takes Francesca and her brother Marsh captive. Francesca spends every minute plotting an escape for her brother, but the heat of desire for the beyond attractive Meko is meddling with her intent. It’s a distraction she didn’t factor into her situation and it’s causing havoc with her plans. Despite the fact that Cesca is virtually from another point in time (the far distant past) and his prisoner, Ethan/Meko finds Cesca’s beauty alluring and irresistible. It will be a struggle, but Meko is determined to win the battle for Cesca’s heart.

Read a brief excerpt from Where the Rain is Made here! I would love to post it upon these pages, but it’s so hot that it would melt my server!

You can follow @KetaDiablo on Twitter or visit Keta Diablo’s Haunt to find out more about her, her books, and where you can connect with her. Remember to visit Keta’s blog to enter to win some great swag!

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Good luck!

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