Kyra Dawson

By day I'm at Brighter Scribe or blogging at The Scribe's Desk about fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mythology, movies, TV, music, books, humor and some other entertaining ish. I'm also a published author who enjoys random acts of writing, video gaming, the art of fangirlling, and indulging my Inner Perpetual Teenager diligently. I'm also a regular contributor at Cinelinx and am passionate about giving back to the community.

An Excerpt from the YA Fantasy ‘The Beautiful Forbidden’ by Kyra Dawson


So it’s Friday and I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at the latest from “The Beautiful Forbidden”, the dark Young Adult Fantasy by Kyra Dawson. If you’ve been wondering where Meruself and Wolf have been wonder no more. Chapter 8 brings our duo to Saga and new obstacles will …

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