Beautiful Twilight

So, you have to be dead not to have heard by now the craze that Rob Pattinson has caused as Edward Cullen in the monster hit Twilight. In fact, because of this movie, he has been catapulted into stellar stardom almost instantaneously. Rolling Stone has dubbed him the hottest actor of 2008! Go figure. Even Rob himself is baffled by his sudden effect on women, declaring one minute he couldn’t get a date, now girls are clamoring over him. LOL. Let me tell you, I have stood in line at bookstores accidentally eavesdropping on teenage girls gushing and nearly swooning over this movie!!! It is quite hilarious and painful to admit however, that I, too, have joined the plethora of gaa gaa girls and am a willing acolyte of the Twilight Saga. But I digress. You see, I have been waiting a looong time for a vampire like Edward. Edward Cullen fulfilled all my wishes for the depth of feeling and anguished yearning I ever wanted from Lestat but was never given. If truth be told, I have been waiting a long time for the blatant honesty of Bella Swan, too. She embodied all the earnest awkwardness and angst ridden devotion of being a teenager. Their casting as the lead characters was a stroke of pure creative and instinctual genius. There was an electric chemistry between these two actors. There was a deep ebbing of passion coursing through this movie, yet Pattinson and Stewart were able to retain the pureness and innocence of first love, of true love. My thoughts on Twilight? Beautiful. The film style was up close and personal; it is a character story mostly and the camera feels like you’re actually in the room. It almost felt like spying at times. Forgive the special effects and the $37 million dollar budget. It’s a story about love. Deep, abiding, and eternal. A love worth waiting for. Twilight has loud whispers and strong undercurrents of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It also has deeper, slightly theological nuances and pulse. Eve does fall for temptation, but it is Adam who offers her the forbidden fruit, and desire is the serpent in the garden of the undead. In a surreal twist of fate, Bella Swan is tempted by everything that Edward Cullen is. She is tempted by the very curse that makes him immortal. And she is irrevocably tempted, beguiled, enthralled by the knowledge that she is unfathomably and seductively different from him; human. Edward Cullen is tormented by her mortality, and inexplicably drawn to the one person who could make him want to be human again. How can he stay away from her when she is his life? How can he be near her when his very nature is to lust for her blood?

~P.S.~ If you haven’t seen the movie yet, go see it! You will love it! Folks at say, “The most epic romance since Titanic.” Justified!

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  1. Twilight is better than chocolate!

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