How Kelvyn Got His Name…..A Comment From France!

How Kelvyn Got His Name_Written by Rosie Reay_Illustrated by Candice McMullan_Foden Press

How Kelvyn Got His Name_Written by Rosie Reay_Illustrated by Candice McMullan_Foden Press

You know people love it when they know their work is being read and appreciated! It seems that How Kelvyn Got His Name is enjoying some International Attention! Here is a comment from a grandfather in France who is showing this book some love! He really got what the book is all about! Rosie Reay, you should be proud of yourself! Also, if you happen to be in the business of writing book reviews, comment on this post to see how you can review this fun EBook!

Take a look at the comment from France below, and don’t forget to read the post!

“As a still young grandfather, I wanted to encourage my twin grandsons to improve their English with fun and enjoyable reading material. While searching on the web, I fall on “How Kelvyn Got His Name – The Chimona Chronicles” and found it a real quality book that does not consider our kids as morons but helps them to travel along with the lovely & exhilarating characters…for sure, friendship is highly valued among the pages/screens and this is, to my knowledge, an essential message to forward to the coming generations…”

Dominic, Paris, France

From How Kelvyn Got His Name! A Great New Children’s Book Release!, 2009/06/13 at 1:58 AM

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