I Can’t Wait for Showtime’s Penny Dreadful Season 2

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I am absolutely addicted to this brilliant Gothic horror written by John Logan. It’s lush and terrible and disturbing and sexy. It’s one of the best new shows on TV and is a very fresh spin on the classic monsters of literature it has intertwined into one mesmerizing and fantastic storyline.

The marvelous Eva Green is absolutely delicious and at her best as always as Vanessa Ives, a woman of great depth and beauty, a possessed medium, seer and Tarot reader who is loved, terrorized and pursued by the Devil. Josh Hartnett is great as a tormented and murderous werewolf Ethan Chandler. Timothy Dalton is great and as the classic rich aristocrat and explorer fallen from grace Sir Malcom Murray and father to Mina Murray. Reeve Carney is the devil may care and devilishly handsome and irresistible immortal Dorian Gray.

Rounding out the cast is Harry Treadway is the haunted and brilliant Dr. Victor Frankenstein complete with his own monster. And the there’s the Creature known as Caliban, Frankenstein’s monster who is a man made from the dead flesh of other men is a monster, but the actor Rory Kinnear plays him with such soul and human suffering and heartache that terrible though he is you cannot help but feel for him. The cast is rounded out by Billy Piper, you might remember her from the naughty show Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and her twisted and macabre but exciting tale is yet to unfold.

So is it any wonder that I can’t wait for season 2 of Penny Dreadful to begin? It’s a definite must see TV type of show. The new season of #PennyDreadful? will now return on Sunday, May 3rd at 10PM ET/PT.

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