Institute for Human Continuity? WTF?



SO, I’m watching History Television (a fairly credible and serious station) and I see this ad for human continuity and preparing for the end of the world. Now, I’m no stranger to viral marketing, but WTF?!? Thankfully, prior to seeing this ad, I’d already seen the movie trailer for 2012 at the Harry Potter flick in July. (Thankfully, I also knew about the supposed end of the world date because of the dreaded Mayan calendar thing). Said trailer simply showed a huge, taller than the tallest mountain tsunami wave completely obliterating a few frantic monks and their bell tower; after that, big white lettering against a black screen appeared that read simply, Google: 2012. If I hadn’t been aware of these things, I seriously would have panicked after being subjected to this commercial I saw on History Television. Even so, my heart did skip a beat. The commercial suggests you check out a website for “human continuity” and ensuring that “the end is just the beginning.” The website for the Institute for Human Continuity is very comprehensive for a hoax, and believable; until you see the © 2009 Sony Pictures Digital Inc. All Rights Reserved imprint at the bottom left corner of the page. Thankfully, I’m wise to these advertising tactics, or I may have wondered if it was legitimate or not, and I would have been caused at least 5 more minutes of true, heart palpitating, agonizing concern! Viral marketing — is it effective or offensive?

2012 hits theaters Friday, November 13th, 2009 (what a coincidence! LOL!) Will you be ready for the end?

Mayan City Tikal_Wikipedia

Mayan City Tikal_Wikipedia

~Footnote!~ Did anyone consider that maybe, just maybe, that Mayan calendar dude just disappeared? or quit? or something? And maybe no one else knew how the thing worked? Maybe a new ruling class took over and decided calendars were to be outlawed? Maybe that explained the mysterious ending of the calendar? Just a thought. According to new archaeological evidence, the Mayans didn’t just vanish as originally thought. There may be solid proof that they assimilated to new government and new customs and traditions and were absorbed into a new civilization.

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  1. It's been a long time since John Cusack has been in a movie. 1408 was his last one, right?

  2. Viral Marketing is on the rise. Trueblood from Japan D-9 aliens on the news. It’s viral to the extreme and at it’s best.

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