Katherine Heigl Before and After the Airbrush

Everyday we are bombarded by images of celebrities. These images show us faces and bodies that rival the perfection of the gods on Mount Olympus. But just like these gods of myth these celebrity images are FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE-ITY FAKE! Yes, a lot of the images can be candid, but for the most part, before a celebrity campaign or promo or spread hits the net or magazine rack, their images undergo a fierce round airbrushing. And unfortunately it is these airbrushed images of near perfection that mere mortals compare themselves to, and are compared to, everyday. How can anyone in normal non-celeb society ever compare their natural self to these false images used for advertising and publicity? If more people realized and remembered just how unrealistic these ideals of what we should look like are there would be less health related and image related disorders. How many of you agree with me?

While we all enjoy gazing at the beauty of airbrushed images, it must be remembered that like movies and fiction it is all just an artful escape. Take a look at these images of Katherine Heigl for instance. She’s wonderful but see if you can notice the magic of the airbrush.

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  1. Wow, they sure made her look skinnier! And she is already skinny! They made her waist smaller, her face skinnier, her left arm thinner, they made her more tanned and made her hair more golden. I actually like the first picture better though. I like real pictures, and I think she looks prettier in the first one too. It's really sad that we live in a society where even the most beautiful celebrities are not pretty enough and need to be fixed. So many of the gorgeous women in magazines and on TV are so beautiful on their own and do not need to be changed to look "better." It's sickening, really.

  2. You said it. It's like you look at that 1st picture and say, "Oh wow! A real person who looks beautiful." And then the 2nd picture says, "Nope, not good enough. We have to make her better." It's like what is real? Do we even know anymore?

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