Missed Music Monday? Check It Out : “Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure

Feel good music.

Did you miss Music Monday on Monday? So did I, so I thought I’d do one today for you.

Remember the days of The Cure? Ah, those were halcyon days when we were young and carefree and full of dreams of what we’d be when we grew up. Do you remember listening to this song and only having a vague idea of what the lyrics meant but totally diggin’ the actual sound of the music and just inherently knowing it was a rockin’ tune? Well, now we know what it all means and the memories of the naivety of youth makes me smile. What about you?

So here’s the old school video but it mostly has lyrics. The important thing is you can hear the song at least. I was kind of hoping they would have done a reboot of the video when they added this song to the He’s Just Not That Into You movie soundtrack. Oh well.

If you can find a newer version of this song/video please send me a link and I’ll update it! For now, enjoy and happy Wednesday!


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