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Welcome to The Scribe’s Desk. I’m so glad you are here. It must mean that you are interested in reading my latest YA fiction Wattpad story The Beautiful Forbidden.

the-beautiful-forbidden-by-kyra-dawson-book-coverMeruself has a terrible secret. Desperate to escape her shame she lives at the edge of the haunted Hella Wood in exile, an outcast and a hermit. The townsfolk of Saga call her a daemon witch behind closed doors, whispering behind their hands, watching her with fearful eyes. Only a brave few dare to come near her while the rest are only willing to tolerate her out of necessity. All who encounter Meruself treat her with a wary apprehension that should only be saved for a monster.

But a monster is what she is. Monstrous things are what she does. Embracing the monster is what she must do if it will purchase her freedom.

Faced with the slim chance of redemption and a kindling hope for connection with another soul, a soul that calls to her own, Meruself fights to stay alive, right her wrongs and save the world that she loves.  

© 2016 All rights reserved.

The Beautiful Forbidden is a fantasy adventure story that will scare you, move you, and make you fall in love with unforgettable characters. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I am having writing it. 🙂

Happy reading! And thank you. It means the world to me!

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