Who Else Thought Jude Law Was the Voice of Ironman’s Jarvis?

Paul Bettany is Jarvis.

I thought it was Jude Law who played the voice of Jarvis, Tony Stark’s super computer, but it was actually Paul Bettany. Did you get confused too? Then like me, did you get stumped as to who was speaking for Jarvis too? Shameful for me since I’m a big fan of Paul Bettany (The Young Victoria).

Brain freezes are just unacceptable when it comes to movie trivia. I mean, what if that had happened in a high stakes game of the “Never-Ending Movie Quiz“? Speaking of the libidinous Lothario

Jude Law is not Jarvis.

Jude Law, you can see him in Sherlock Holmes with the quintessential Robert Downey Jr. Hollywood is funny like that.

I’m looking forward to Ironman 2. Are you?

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