Oprah’s Last Show

Oprah says farewell.

Oprah says farewell.

The Queen of the Talk Show has hung up her crown. (She’s also staying in her PJ’s all day today!) There was no huge fan fare, no celebrity guests or giveaways, just Oprah and millions of us watching her give her heart-felt thanks and gratitude for our love and support over the years.

After 25 years and 4561 shows, Oprah says goodbye to us. She farewelled us with grace and love, and like a loving parent sending us off to stand alone, she left us with her final words of wisdom, hoping we will take them to heart. She also gave us her personal email: Oprah[at]Oprah[dot]com.

I grew up with Oprah. She was a regular visitor in my house for over half of my life. And though I didn’t watch every single show, her words and the things I learned from her and about myself will remain with me always. Like her millions of fans, I felt connected with the people who shared their stories, and with Oprah herself. And like millions I realized I wasn’t alone in the world. I am going to miss her show. This is truly the end of an era. Yet all good things must come to end. But don’t feel sad. Her show may be over, but Oprah will still be around. I mean, she’s got her OWN network, so there will still be plenty of Oprah goodness to go around.

Here is my favorite quote from the show:

“You have to know what sparks the light in you so you in your own way can illuminate the world.” ~ Oprah

What was your favorite quote or lesson from yesterday?

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