Paranormal Activity 2 Looks Like A Scream

Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2

Well, it was inevitable. Paranormal Activity 2 hits theaters October 22 (you can demand to see it first!) and it looks freakier than the first one. Remember, it does take a lot to scare me. I have a high fear tolerance when it comes to films about the paranormal, although I greatly enjoy them! (Slasher flicks are a different story. The scare factor in slasher films is a different kind of scary…but that is another post altogether.) The second Paranormal installment looks freakier to me only because there is a child involved somehow, and as a mother, that always creeps me out. I mean, what could be scarier than some terrifying, unseen force focusing its malevolent attention upon your innocent child? Or is that what is going on? I don’t know. I’m boggled on this one. All I can say is, thank goodness for the dog.

Check out the two trailers below and tell me what you think about them. Do they confuse you more than they reveal to you?

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