Puss In Boots Movie Poster and Trailer Alert!

Puss In Boots Movie

Puss In Boots Movie

The cat is out of the bag. The adorable Puss In Boots from Shrek is finally getting his own movie! He’s daring, he’s dashing, he’s debonair and he’s swashbuckling his way onto a big screen near you November 4th in the animated feature film simply entitled Puss In Boots. Check out the one and only Puss In Boots in all his feline fabulousness in the movie’s poster.

Dreamworks decided we needed to see Puss before he was one of Shrek’s sidekicks. Fans of the adorable furball will be able to see his adventures in 3D. Chris Miller, director of Shrek the Third, will be at the helm of this cat-tastic adventure and…[Read more…]

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