Sponsored Post: Heineken Beer’s “The Odyssey” Video Is Legendary Hilarious Authenticity

heineken-beer-is-legendary-at-the-scribes-desk-blogHeineken is legendary at The Scribe’s Desk.

Heineken has done it again. Their latest campaign combines hilarious vignettes and a tongue in cheek defense declaring that their non actors are just real men with some pretty amazing skills. For reals. And all these legendary dudes have had their legendary-ness captured on film by Heineken, brewer of this sudsy goodness beverage of choice. The short Odyssey film is directed at all the dubious doubters of the authenticity of the legendary realness of the characters and their uber skills. To prove these guys aren’t “as fake as their fake beards” as one candid doubter surmised succinctly, Heineken is revealing the character casting tapes. And even as the female representative is obviously trying to relay some serious credibility info, her monologue is happening while a shark swims in the waterway in the background just behind said spokeswoman’s straight face. Hilarious in and of itself, but as you continue to watch the video and all the shenanigans that ensue, you will definitely find yourself laughing out loud in authentic glee.

It’s a sure fire example of art imitating life without a doubt. It’s outrageously frank in some moments and the irresistibly irreverent humor which is the theme on a whole is apparent throughout. Yes, Heineken beer’s “The Odyssey” video is some legendary hilarious authenticity.

Watch the funny reel below.

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So, what do you think? Which legendary character is your favorite? Better yet, what legendary skills does a real dude — or dudette — like you possess that Heineken definitely needs to know about? You tell me yours in the comment section and I might tell you mine.

tiny-beer-glasses-gifProost! (Cheers in Dutch.)

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