Sunday Best: The Walking Dead “This Sorrowful Life”, Merle Dixon Is A Man of Action!

BEWARE OF SPOILERS! This post is full of it!… I mean them!

Sunday Best from The Walking Dead "This Sorrowful Life", Merle Dixon bites the dust... twice. Beware! Walker Merle Will Eat You!

This was such a great episode. I have high hopes for the season finale, although I hate to see this season end. My favorite scene from this episode, though there were so many to choose from, had to be the ending. It will have people talking for a long time. I think the biggest question on everyone’s mind is, “Do you think Merle redeemed himself in the end?”

If Michonne had killed Merle it would have been pretty short and sweet. The way he died got you emotionally invested and conflicted. So smart. And right, what other choice did he have? He knew he would never be one with the team. He also knew if he stayed Daryl would always be conflicted. What do you think?

I’ve hated Merle, I’ve really hated Merle, and I’ve sorta hated Merle, but in the end I felt sad for Merle. (And terrible for Daryl.) Whether you hated or loved Merle, whatever you think about Merle Dixon, he was a great and memorable character.

As Michael Rooker says about his character Merle Dixon, “He came in an asskicker, and he goes out an asskicker.” #RIPMerle you #ManofAction.

So, how’s all this going to affect Daryl now?


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  1. Unfortunately I haven't seen the last 3 episodes but there are spoilers everywhere I look. I'm sure it will still be good though.

    • Ya, spoilers are a real bummer, but you will definitely enjoy the last episodes. Worth watching. And Talking Dead after each ep is hilarious too!

  2. This is really a fearful ghostly photo which I have seen in this content. Actually such type of makeup is really rare and I am so surprised to get this in this website at all. After long since I have got there The Walking Dead “This Sorrowful Life” valuable info indeed.

  3. Now all Merle says is, "Brains." Poor Merle. He's a ghost of the man he used to be.

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