Green Lantern: Warner Bros. Unveils a Winning Trailer

Now THIS is a trailer! Now I am psyched to see this movie. Action, adventure, super heroes, villains, a dash of Ryan Reynolds’ humor and intensity, Blake Lively…Wait a minute. What is Blake Lively doing in a comic book movie? She’s one busy gal this year. And you know you’ve …

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Season of the Witch Looks Like a Medieval Thrill Ride

This movie is definitely on my To See/Must Watch List! It looks like Nicholas Cage is going to go all medieval on some paranormal creatures! What do you think about Cage as a knight? Google+

Skyline Is On the Horizon

I wonder what Stephen Hawking thinks about this movie? Will you go see it? And who is Eric Balfour? ~P.S.~ Remember that huge super mural/billboard at Comic-Con this year for this movie? Google+

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