Season of the Witch Looks Like a Medieval Thrill Ride

This movie is definitely on my To See/Must Watch List! It looks like Nicholas Cage is going to go all medieval on some paranormal creatures! What do you think about Cage as a knight?

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Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour Is the Ultimate Movie Package!

Now that Anne Rice has quit Christianity, can we hope for a film version of her #1 National Bestselling novel The Witching Hour? The Witching Hour is a feast of witches, the devil, and a secret society, so I definitely hope this spine tingling book will be made into a …

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The Witching Hour: A Feast of Witches, the Devil and a Secret Society

A while back I heard somewhere that The Witching Hour was going to be made into a big screen movie. Anticipation and excitement filled me at this prospect, but I have as yet to hear or see anything more. What’s the hold up, I wonder? This book would be amazing …

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