Happy New Year, The Year of the Writer and, The Boxer Rebellion Is My New Favorite Band

Happy New Year all! I have dubbed 2011 the year of The Writer because this year will be my most prolific writing year ever, and to kick off the new year with some vervy spirit, here’s a tune from my new favorite band, The Boxer Rebellion! Enjoy!

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Anne Boleyn Puts the “S” In Scandalous

Today wouldn’t be today without mentioning Anne Boleyn. Today marks the 474th anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s execution by beheading. As y’all know, I am a huge Anne Boleyn fan. I’m still trying to figure out a reason to wear the famous “B” necklace, and I think I may have finally …

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Google Story Tool is Fun!

Can you tell a story in 7 lines? I tried it out. Watch my little story I made using the Google Story Tool. It’s called How To Train Your Rottweiler. I had so much fun! My very own Google Search Story! I think this just became my new favorite hobby! …

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