Tale of the Lost Swan Egg Book 1 in the Persimmon Tales by Kyra Dawson Has Finally Been Released!

Tale of the Lost Swan Egg by Kyra Dawson Book 1 in the Persimmon Tales series for children.

Tale of the Lost Swan Egg by Kyra Dawson Book 1 in the Persimmon Tales series for children.

Hooray! It is finally here everyone! Come and celebrate with me on Facebook and Twitter! And don’t forget to visit Foden Press and the Persimmon Tales website! There’s going to be lots of fun and a couple contest announcements!

Press release via Foden Press:

Tale of the Lost Swan Egg released in print format.

First in the Persimmon Tales series set in Stanley Park, Vancouver.

Feb 11, 2011. Calif. Foden Press today announced the release of Kyra Dawson’s first book in the Persimmon Tales series for young readers and their parents. The Tale of the Lost Swan Egg will fascinate the young reader, parent or grandparent who love stories of critters that have very exciting lives and have very similar personalities to children everywhere. Residents and visitors to Vancouver will notice the accuracy of the details in Stanley Park. Younger kids will enjoy the illustrations by Candice McMullan that so delightfully illustrate a few key scenes throughout the book. In addition, a matching website www.PersimmonTales.com helps children and their parents understand the more unusual words and locations, while also providing full character personas for each critter, all of which have interesting names and personalities. An early reviewer of the book, Vanessa Annur, proved that this is a whole new story that adults will not find old and stale themselves. She says “I read the tale and must say, I’m in love! I found it very amusing, clever, and fun. You don’t know how many times I laughed out loud. I love, love, love the characters. They are very endearing and memorable. Their antics made me laugh! This is going to be a best seller. I like how you used imagery – I felt like I was there – and also, how you used elements of our modern society, such as a Blackberry, SPN and The Tattler – that was cute. I have many favorite moments, like when Persimmon took the picture of the hummingbird, and his eyes were wide-eyed and surprised looking. Also when Hector crowed about ‘raccoons wear masks, raccoons are villains, raccoons are tricksy’… too funny! And when you wrote how Persimmon had to stop his brain from ‘gathering wool’. There are so many other humorous parts that I truly enjoyed. With this story, I was drawn in and immersed in it. As I read, I went through a full range of emotions, from hopeful, to curious, to nervous, to contented.”

Claire Lynas, a UK mother of five says “A very good descriptive work. Makes you feel like you are there and involved in the story. Plus the illustrations are just wonderful and all of my five children enjoyed listening to the story. They asked a lot of questions in each chapter about what was going to happen next.”

While this is Kyra’s first children’s book in print, it is far from her first writing endeavors. She is a professional copywriter, blogger, ghost writer, editor and naming consultant of many years standing, plus she has had numerous short stories and articles published. Kyra lives in Vancouver, Canada so she writes first hand of experiences in Stanley Park. In addition, Kyra is the editor for Rosie Reay’s companion series The Chimona Chronicles. These are also illustrated by Candice McMullan and published by Foden Press.

Foden Press is an independent publisher of children’s books, as well as business How To Do It Business books and ebooks. They are based in Northern California, and may be reached at www.FodenPress.com. Call +1-650-960-0811. Professional reviewers of children’s books are invited to request review copies of any title. Tale of the Lost Swan Egg (ISBN # 978-0-9710157-2-2) may be ordered directly from Foden Press along with the companion Chimona Chronicles that are also set in Canada. Plus they are available at Amazon.com and bookstores nationwide. They are distributed by Ingram Micro.

USA: Athol Foden (amfoden@fodenpress.com) 650-960-0811
Europe: Rosie Reay (rosiereay@fodenpress.com) +34-619-772-492
Canada: Kyra Dawson (info@brighterscribe.com) 604-566-1064

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