Sponsored Post: Temptations Cat Treats ‘Work It Kitty’ Wants to Treat Your Kitty to a Workout

Who you kidding, PerciFlower? You’re a bigger couch potato than I am. I can’t begin to guesstimate how many hours I’ve logged watching you watching TV.

This is seriously why cats rule. Temptations Cat Treats rolled out their Work It Kitty! video ads this week and it is hilarious! Now you and your cat can work out and get fit for that beach buff bod you’ve both always wanted, right? This video is hilarious and it has all the things on the TSD hearts funny pet media. Funny premise, check. Animals imitating human behavior, check. Animals wearing clothes, check.

Add to all these attributes that cats are well known for being sleek and svelte and fit. They are the kings and queens of the asphalt jungle. The very idea that they would need to work out is incongruent with that belief. However, we also know that as cats age, like humans they can become sedentary. I mean, they already sleep like 20 hours a day and if that is not sedentary I don’t know what is.

Luckily, though getting up there in age — he’ll be 12 on Bella Swan’s birthday, can you believe it? — Percival is still a fine specimen of feline health and beauty. But, he does at times need to be a little more active. So, I thought why not combine it with one of his favorite past times which is watching TV? As long as I don’t try to squeeze in a workout while he’s watching The Walking Dead or True Blood or any Sunday night is HBO night, well then he should be down.

I think he might find this amusing. Check this out.

What will your kitty do when he/she sees this video? Maybe you can entice your little lion to do some crunches if you tempt his taste buds with Temptations Cat Treats. I mean, a little incentive never hurt anyone, right?

Get your kitty fit. Check out the Work it Kitty website and get the full aerobic work out experience.
Featuring Alex Gaudino ft. Taboo “I Don’t Wanna Dance” from Ultra Music.
And now I have officially seen everything. Have you?
This post is sponsored by Temptations Cat Treats.
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