True Blood “Let’s Get Out of Here” Review: A Tale of 3 Lovers and a Man Possessed


Well this episode of True Blood was all about desires being fulfilled. Finally Sookie was honest about her own true desires even if it was only in her subconscious. Even so that sexy dream time fantasy will give her conscious mind a lot to ponder. It’ll be interesting to see if she’ll allow faerie Sookie to come out and play with Eric and Bill at the same time. And speaking of desire, Jason should know you can’t fight the blood. And if he didn’t before he certainly does now. And now that most of the BT crew  knows about Lafayette’s and Jesus’ powers it’s only a matter of time before L & J get involved in the war because the pair’s gifts are going to come in handy in the episodes to come. It’s a tale of 3 lovers and a man possessed and it’s the beginning of even more chaos for our favorite Bon Temps residents. So let’s get to it! The Scribe’s Desk review of True Blood’s “Let’s Get Out of Here” starts now!

We pick up right where we left off with Alcide running while cradling an injured Sookie in his arms. As luck would have it he trips and Bill is suddenly there scooping Sookie from the surprised werewolf and taking her to her and Eric’s house. The first thing Bill does is try to coax some of his blood into her to save her life. (And he’s happy to do it and not just for the healing benefits and you know it!) Alcide arrives angry as hell that Bill allowed her to get tangled up in the war. Bill feels the same way, his worry for the woman he loves written plainly across his face. Alcide wonders what else they can do to help Sookie and Bill who I’m sure hasn’t prayed in over a century suggests they do just that. Knowing that Sookie is going to be OK now I’m worried and wondering where is Eric and what has Antonia done with him?

Back at Moon Goddess Antonia reveals her Viking puppet on a string who she refers to as “blonde one” to the Wiccans. Tara questions Antonia’s actions in the cemetery clearly not impressed. Thinking she can control everyone without question, Antonia orders the group to join hands. Wouldn’t you know it though there is mutiny at the Wiccan shop. The Wiccans refuse to do as Antonia ask and Tara and Holly make it clear they want no part in the spirit’s scheme. Antonia’s Vendetta includes a plan to go to Shreveport to the Tolerance Festival and bring Eric to demonstrate her powers to vampires and what she can do to them. Roy is the only Wiccan on board so Antonia shows her true colors. She’s not letting anyone leave. What did you expect Tara? Everyone knows making deals with a devil can only lead to no good. Did you really think Antonia possessed Marnie to make nice?

Sookie wakes and her first thought is for Eric. Alcide’s pissed at what he thinks is Sookie being extremely foolish to be repeatedly putting her life at risk for fangers. He storms out washing his hands of this war business and Sookie’s desire to place herself in danger. All Sookie wants is to find Eric. She does take a moment though to thank Bill for the blood. I have to give it to Bill, he sure does love Sookie. Here she is worried about another dude and Bill just buttons his lip and tucks his pain behind his fangs. Loosing Sookie to his arch rival must be killing him. He does go to great lengths for love.

Luna’s just tucked Emma into bed but it was difficult to get her to go to sleep because of Marcus’ visit. Sam learns how scared they are of the werewolf pack’s alpha and tells Luna he’s going nowhere. He also suggests a camping trip to get back to nature. They’re not running from their problems he reassures Luna, it’s just a healthy change of scenery. I’ve got to hand it to Sam, he sure knows the way to a woman’s heart. Even knowing he’s getting mixed up in a messy situation he wants Luna and he’s not backing down. He sure is a go getter that Sam.

Debbie’s watching TV, stewing and waiting for Alcide to come home. When she hears him coming in, instead of giving him the what for she pretends to sleep but she can smell Sookie all over him. Alcide slips into bed, but not before he shares the fitness of his physique with us once again (thank you HBO), and Debbie is just steamed! Her eyes glowing and shiz. It’s kind of comical really. You know she just wants to let him have it but then she would have to admit spying on him and following him. Is this the beginning of Debbie’s downward spiral? Probably. Sookie better watch out. Sookie anywhere near Alcide makes Debbie crazy.

Back at Bill’s Jessica crying her eyes out to a unsympathetic Nan. All this crying has bored Nan to tears and made her decide to never become a maker. Bill arrives and endures Nan’s barbed remarks about his abilities as king and she learns that Eric is alive and is Antonia’s prisoner. She also has decided to stay at Bill’s since he’s so close to Shreveport where the Tolerance Festival is happening. Jess, Bill and Nan all go to ground silvered and Nan is soooo not impressed. Her and Bill have a tiff and Bill lets Nan know he thinks she’s nuts to let the festival continue in light of recent events. I’m with Bill on this one but we’ve all seen that Nan won’t let anything get in the way of her political ambitions. She is one cold piece of work that Nan and she cracks me up with her decisive and callous one track mind. Never let it be said that Nan let emotions get the best of her.

Speaking of emotion, Hoyt wakes up to his first day without Jess and he’s giving more reign to his meanness. He starts packing Jess’ stuff in a box that he labels “FOR YOU MONSTER” in big black permanent marker. It’s so mean but I can’t help myself but laugh. This is the LOL moment for me. I’m still amazed at how mean and petty Hoyt’s being though. Suddenly a still possessed Lala walks through the door with Mikey and he forces Hoyt out the door in his undies at gunpoint. Sufficiently freaked, Hoyt high tails it out of his house quicker than you can say monster. Jess would have laughed if she could’ve seen that one.

Arlene and Terry have called Jason about the missing Mikey. Hoyt calls and tells Jason that Lafayette is at his house with Mikey and a gun. While Arlene is losing her mind tossing couch cushions, Andy spots a vial of V wedged into the back of the couch and makes sure he distracts everyone to get at that V. He’s such an addict! I’m sure he thinks he’s struck gold. Using the excuse that he’s going to find pants for Hoyt, Andy slips into a bedroom to swallow down his liquid treasure. In his ecstasy he drops the pants. Poor Hoyt.

Sookie is sleeping on the couch at her home having the sweetest of dreams. She’s dreaming of sunshine and Eric and kissing her blonde Viking and… Bill. Bill? What’s he doing in her dream? Oh yes, it’s the blood. Predictably Eric and Bill start fighting over Sookie, both of them announcing that, “Sookie is mine!”. Sookie orders them to stop and to follow her into the livingroom where they can have a talk. Hmmm. This is going to be interesting, especially considering Sookie is wearing this tiny little red frilly wrap and heels.

Tommy’s at Merlotte’s writing Sam a goodbye note when Marcus walks in bold as brass looking for Sam. He leaves a card and a message for Sam with Tommy. Marcus wants Sam to meet him and is amused by the fact that shifter Sam has a shifter brother. Tommy puts on his typical show of belligerent bravado and Marcus leaves. Tommy gets that look on his face that means he’s up to something, but this time I don’t think he’s doing it to hurt Sam or cause mischief. I think this time he’s genuinely thinking he can do Sam a favor that he will be thankful for. Do you think this is Tommy’s idea of penance? Or is he so depressed that he has a death wish? I mean he has to know that Marcus isn’t Sam’s buddy? I have to hand it to Tommy though, I’ve noticed that even when he’s at odds with Sam he still has his brother’s back in his own Tommy-fied way. It’s messed up but I’m thinking that the way Tommy sees it  no one messes with Sam but Tommy.

Meanwhile there’s a stand off back at Hoyt’s. Andy’s all hopped up on V and instead of trying to diffuse the situation like Jason suggests Andy goes on a power trip and kicks the door in. And he’s the officer in charge!?! Chaos ensues with the possessed Lala shooting at the law and Andy and Jason running for cover. Arlene and Terry show up wanting to take matters into their own hands and Andy pins Terry to the ground. Terry can’t get up and wonders out loud why Andy is so strong and Jason realizes that Andy is on V. That Andy needs an intervention in the worst way. Does he really think he can keep fooling people?

Sam, Luna and Emma are enjoying their camping trip and Emma is chasing bunnies. She’s complaining because the wild bunnies won’t let her catch them and hold them. She reveals she wants to be a shifter and not a werewolf if only so she can turn into a bunny and pet herself. Her child’s desire to be a bunny causes Luna concern but Emma doesn’t understand her mother’s sudden seriousness over something she deems as trivial. Sam to the rescue. He tells Emma he’ll go and catch the bunny and he hides behind the tent and hops out as a bunny. He hops over to Emma all cute and fuzzy and lets the little girl cuddle him. It’s such a cute and sweet moment even my heart melted at Sam’s kind and sweet gesture. And I’ll say it again, Sam sure knows the way to a woman’s heart. If only he had been that kind and gentle with Sookie things might have worked out for them. Hopefully his anger management classes are working and he never loses his temper around Luna. She’ll kick him to the curb so fast sweet gesture or no sweet gesture. Although when it comes to the Marcus thing Sam’s hot head might come in handy.

Back in Sookie’s fantasy dream, Sookie’s revealing to her vampires that she’s in love with both of them. Since she’s baring her desires she also admits she’s tired of being a good girl. Finally Sookie! Throw off those chains of conformity and let faerie Sookie have some fun! She admits she wants Eric and Bill to be hers. Why does it have to be that she either belongs to Eric or Bill? Why the double standard? Why should a girl have to choose between two hot vampires when she can have them both? There would be nothing wrong or amoral with it since she loves them both. And yes, she is suggesting what we think she’s suggesting so we can go ahead and close our mouths.

Both vampires are down with a threesome. I mean, did you really think they’d refuse? Sookie is pretty irresistible, even more so in the tiny red bra and undies she has under her red wrap. I have to laugh that Sookie’s all dressed in harlot red though. Gotta hand it to that faerie, she goes all out when she’s made up her mind. Yep, no timid miss is faerie Sookie. Atta girl, Sookie.

Poor misguided, jealous Debbie has fallen off the wagon. She’s making a V score in an alley. She lets the guy who is hooking her up know that she is no lightweight. She’s drank from the source she informs the guy. She could probably tell him a thing or two about V and she does. She downs the vial in one gulp, tossing her head back like it’s a shot of tequila and goes about her business. Alcide is not going to be impressed. It’s sad that Debbie is cracking beneath the weight of her jealousy. She’s going to need company in her misery because this V business is going to cause problems in her and Alcide’s relationship. Maybe her and Andy can hang out.

Jesus shows up at the standoff and Jason asks him if when he and Lala role play if a Mavis is one of the roles. It’s a funny moment and so typical Jason that watching Jesus’ face is hilarious because you know he can’t believe Jason is actually asking him this right now. Jesus tells Jason he’s just going to ignore it which is even funnier. Terry tries to give Jesus some tips on entering the situation in army speak and Jesus is baffled by the whole convo and cuts it short. Without further ado, Jesus goes in to save his man. Lala is still possessed and on edge waving the gun around. Though Jesus is shaking with fear and worry he manages to talk Mavis into trusting him. He tells “Mavis” that she’s a spirit in his lover’s body and that he is a brujo. It’s a lot of info for Mavis to take in and though she’s overwhelmed by it she let’s Jesus and his words calm her down. Poor Mavis. I’d be freaked too to find out I’m a ghost in a man’s body causing trouble. Thank goodness Jesus just happens to be a witch who can help her.

Debbie arriving on Sookie’s doorstep gives Sookie a brief PTSD moment and the faerie has a flashback to the last time Debbie was at her house. Can you blame her? Even I’m nervous seeing Debbie standing there with her hand behind her back. Luckily she only has a bouquet of flowers in her hand and she holds them out to Sookie. So they talk over ice tea in Sookie’s kitchen. Debbie says she just wants to help Sookie but Sookie is skeptical. Can you blame her? Debbie tried to kill her. I’m amazed Sookie is even giving her the time of day. Sookie wonders how Debbie knows she’s in trouble and Debbie tells her she knows it was Sookie’s blood all over Alcide last night. How does she know it was Sookie’s blood? Well, it’s because Debbie remembers the smell. The look on Sookie’s face is priceless when she hears this. Debbie tries to convince Sookie that all she wants to do is help but Sookie needs proof. She takes Debbie’s hand and listens in. Satisfied Debbie is telling the truth Sookie accepts Debbie’s offer because she’s desperate for the help. Or does she really believe Debbie?

I have no doubt Debbie is so in love with Alcide that she would go to great lengths to prove it. But does that even extend to helping her rival Sookie for his sake? I don’t know. I want to believe it, but something in me just doesn’t trust Debbie’s good girl act. I mean how much of what we saw previously was the real Debbie and not just Debbie on V?

Jesus convinces Mavis to trust him to help her even though she is reluctant to revisit the circumstances of her death. Jesus tells her she has to tell him what happened if he’s to help her. Though it’s hard for her, Mavis tells him that Monsieur Virgil killed her and her baby and that it is these tragic events that are keeping her hear. All Mavis wants is to hold her child in her arms again. Such a simple request. Her story is so sad. Jesus knows what to do but first she needs to return Mikey to his parents.”Mavis” allows Jesus to lead her outside and she apologetically gives Mikey back. Terry and Arlene aren’t sure what the deal is with Lala but they don’t hold a grudge and are glad to have their baby back.

Trying to think of his and Debbie’s future Alcide informs Marcus he wants to take the alpha up on his offer of advancement in the pack. Marcus is pleased to find out it’s for Debbie’s sake. He jumps on Alcide’s allegiance right away telling him he needs Alcide at the “talk” he’s going to have with Sam. Alcide wants no part in a beat down and tells Marcus that and Marcus tells him not to worry about it. Word of advice Alcide. Never say to someone you will be there for them for whatever they need unless you know the person like the back of your hand. Promising stuff before you really know a person just opens the door for situations you’d rather avoid.

Tired of Andy and his addiction Jason doesn’t care about Andy’s apologies. He tells Andy to turn the headlights on so Hoyt, Jesus, Terry and Arlene can see what they’re doing. Hoyt and Jesus are digging outside where Mavis told them to and they uncover the skeletal remains of the murdered Mavis and her baby. Jesus hands Lala the wrapped child and pleads with Mavis to go and find peace and give him his lover back. Jesus places his hands on Lala’s shoulder and begins to utter the words that will release Lafayette from Mavis’ possession. The spirit of Mavis appears bathed in a golden light. She’s holding her child and thanks Lafayette. She finally finds peace and disappears. Everyone sees this too — Jason, Terry, Arlene and Hoyt — and they are all amazed at the miracle they have just witnessed.

I’m glad too because this is the proof Arlene needs not to hold a grudge against Lafayette. I just know that this power Lala and Jesus have will come in handy when the showdown comes against Antonia. If they can work as a team to remove spirits from a possessed person that means they can help banish Antonia so Marnie can have her body back and the vampires can rest easy once again. Can’t you just see L & J as the resident ghost whisperers of Bon Temps?

Debbie tricks Antonia into letting her into Moon Goddess so Sookie can slip in the back window. Debbie keeps Antonia occupied by saying she’s here to offer her pack’s services in Antonia’s cause. Sookie finds Eric and discovers he’s under Antonia’s control. He tells Sookie Antonia’s Operation Kill Bill plan. Tara finds her in the bathroom with Eric and it’s no surprise that she’s holding a gun. Just when you think Tara might betray her friend she hints for Sookie to read her mind so Sookie can hear what she’s thinking and have a chance to escape and where to find Bill. Tara also tells Sookie in her mind to charge her and get gone and Sookie does just that. By this time the jig is up and Antonia knows Sookie is there. Roy is yelling shoot her like a moron but Antonia wants to take Sookie hostage and use her against the vampires. Debbie’s taken off and Sookie charges Tara and escapes, slipping away from Antonia’s grasp. Sookie hops in Debbie’s vehicle and off they go to the Dorchester Hotel in Shreveport to save Bill.

Now here is where I’m not sure about Debbie. Did she give Sookie’s presence up on purpose to Antonia in a double cross? And was she trying to drive off and leave Sookie without a ride or means of escaping Antonia? If she hadn’t been fumbling for her keys would she have left Sookie? And why was she driving so slow? Was it to stop Sookie from getting to Shreveport in time? The clever thing is if this is what Debbie’s doing it doesn’t look like she’s not trying to help Sookie. In fact it looks like Debbie put herself in danger to help Sookie. If that is what she’s doing Debbie is a clever girl, a lot more clever than I gave her credit for.

Antonia locks the Wiccans inside Moon Goddess putting a spell on the doors to keep them from leaving and taking only Roy and Eric with her. Tara burns her hand on the door trying to leave and so does another woman who tries to leave through another door. They are trapped. I wonder when everyone is going to start blaming Tara for their predicament?

While Bill and Nan aren’t seeing eye to eye at the Tolerance Festival in Shreveport, Jason is helping Hoyt fix his door. Hoyt guilts Jason into taking Jess’ MONSTER BOX to her and Jason doesn’t want to do it. But he ends up doing it because he can’t find a way to avoid the situation. Hoyt is going to regret getting Jason involved, that’s for sure Bubba.

While Sam and Luna are rolling around in Sam’s tent, Marcus and his pack are beating the crap out of Tommy who disguised himself as Sam. Tommy intentionally provokes the beating though and if Alcide didn’t intervene the pack would have killed him. While he’s unconscious on the floor Tommy shifts back into his real form and Marcus and his crew are surprised that they just beat down the wrong guy. Alcide carries Tommy out of the garage, growling at the other pack members so they don’t lay another hand on Tommy. This does not bode well for Alcide and his pack aspirations. You do not defy your pack leader or rip him off someone he’s beating in front of the pack when you want to move up in the ranks. I’m thinking Alcide’s pack career is over. Debbie will not be pleased.

Eric appears out of no where at the Dorchester and tricks the three sheriffs to follow him. He lets them think they’ve cornered him and Antonia appears and casts her control spell over the three unsuspecting vampires. And while things are going downhill in Shreveport Jason brings Jess her MONSTER BOX at Bill’s. So that Jess won’t see the words Jason has thoughtfully blacked out the words with permanent black marker. One thing leads to another despite Jason’s best efforts to prevent it and he and Jess end up in the back of his truck giving in to their desires.

Debbie and Sookie arrive at the hotel and Sookie sends Debbie home to Alcide. Sookie runs into the hotel to save Bill before it is too late. She runs into the conference room where the Tolerance Festival is in full swing calling out to Bill. Bill stops mid speech at the sound of Sookie’s voice while Nan gnashes her teeth cursing Sookie for crashing the party. (It’s another LOL moment as I know Nan is thinking, “What is so special about this Sookie?”.) Antonia is waiting for her moment to unleash hell and her vampire zombies attack Bill’s human guards and pandemonium ensues while Bill stands at the podium searching the crowd for Sookie. Bodies are flying through the air as the vampires attack, it’s all being caught on tape by vampire haters and just as Eric descends coming for Bill, Sookie yells, “RUN!” And I think, “Run, Forrest! Run!”

It’s a disaster with a capital D. Poor Bill. it’s not easy being king. Next week’s episode should be crazy. Will you be watching? Only 3 episodes left. Enjoy the preview!

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