True Blood “Soul of Fire” Review: Breaking the Ties That Bind


Just when you thought everyone was safe in BT Marnie strikes again. A spirit herself now, she’s decided to try possession out for herself and poor Lafayette is once again at the mercy of a spirit except this time this spirit isn’t a nice one. Will Marnie be more powerful in death than she was in life? Jesus better watch his back because I’ll bet you any money Marnie’s wanting to get even with that brujo. Alcide and Debbie are through and Sam evens the score with Marcus. Andy meets another one of the fae folk, Jason’s finding it impossible to not drink Jessica’s blood, Eric’s pissed with Pam but he and Bill are seeing eye to eye for once. And Sookie? Well, let’s just say if her lovers aren’t cursing her name they’re willing to die for her. It was all about breaking the ties that bind tonight for a lot of our BT residents and the severing of these bonds will cause pain that cuts like a knife.

We pick up this 2nd last episode of True Blood with the four amigos on a mission to blow the Moon Goddess Emporium and Martonia to smithereens. Meanwhile, Martonia is neither impressed nor afraid of Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica. Sookie, Tara, Lafayette and Holly are now also prisoners inside the shop (Martonia’s pretty good at that Harry Potter Apparating spell isn’t she?) which means Martonia now has the upper hand. Her Wiccan group aren’t happy to be trapped, and even though Martonia says they can leave whenever they want, we all know that isn’t the deal. When Casey attempts to get the heck out of Dodge she gets a knife to the chest compliments of Martonia.

Suddenly Marnie spits up Antonia and the only one who can see this happen is Lafayette who gives his pals a play by play. Tara’s blown away by her cousin’s new medium skills but they sure do come in handy. Antonia and Marnie no longer see eye to eye. Marnie’s agenda is no longer in alignment with Antonia’s. Antonia is upset that Marnie killed Casey and accuses Marnie of being taken over by the dark side. Antonia cancels their partnership and tries to take off but good ol’ Marnie won’t give up the ghost that easily. She has no intention of letting her new found power vanish back into the ether so she does what any witch worth her salt would do. She casts a binding spell that binds Antonia to her preventing the spirit from leaving her. Antonia might have started this vendetta but Marnie is sure going to finish it and then some.

Just as Bill and his gang are about to blow up the place, Jason rushes out to stop them. He fills them in on the fact that Sookie is in there and the general response is, “F***ing Sookie!” This gets Jason riled up and he goes toe to toe with both Eric and Bill reminding them that they wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for Sookie so they better not blow up the place. He even calls Eric a chump which is hilarious and makes Bill feel guilty about drinking Sookie’s blood as if she were his own “personal soda fountain”. Bill decides to abort the mission and Eric agrees wholeheartedly which drives Pam crazy because she isn’t enamored of Sookie like her maker and Bill are. Jason also tells them about the magic barrier before trying to awkwardly try and smooth things over with Jess when suddenly Martonia’s vampire zombies attack Eric and Bill. I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with Jason right now, and the way that Pam described Sookie was absolutely hysterically funny and so vintage Pam.

Sam and Alcide are trying to get the Shreveport pack member they were beating to tell them where Marcus is without much success. Alcide defends his huge defection and Luna shows up raging mad and demanding to know where Marcus is with her daughter. Sam tries to calm her down and tells her he’s at the garage looking for Marcus because her ex murdered Tommy. Alcide has burned all his bridges with the Shreveport pack. I know that Alcide is a bit of a goody goody which is something that will make him and Sookie a great couple, but his grand defection from the pack is still shocking to me. Granted he hasn’t been part of his new pack for long but he really seems to be championing Sam. What will he do without a pack? And will this give him a bad name in the lycan crowd? I wonder what the repercussions will be?

Marcus is trying to convince Debbie to leave Alcide and come with him and Emma. He’s dangling every kind of golden carrot he can think of to entice her but Debbie won’t leave Alcide. Marcus even offers to give her the one thing Alcide won’t — children. Even with that tempting offer on the table Debbie won’t go with him. Why was she with Marcus then? To get even with Alcide for being unfaithful. Marcus doesn’t believe that’s the only reason though and continues to try to persuade her. Poor messed up Debbie. She’s getting an offer of what she wants most from a man she doesn’t love while the man she loves is in love with someone else. What would you do?

Still trying to fulfill his mission to oust the spirit from Marnie’s body, Jesus easily convinces Marnie to let him help Casey who he says still has a pulse. Relieved she didn’t kill the girl, Martonia readily agrees and Jesus gets Lala to help him carry Casey’s body into the privacy of the bathroom. Clever Jesus has tricked Martonia. Casey is really dead and he needs a body for Antonia’s spirit. Martonia even unwittingly assists Jesus in her own downfall by allowing him to gather the things he needs for the spell he’ll cast to banish Antonia. Martonia doesn’t even suspect Jesus. Holly and Sookie then try to talk some sense into Marnie, but good luck with that is all I have to say. They should have gotten Jesus to try it because he would have had better luck. It always amazes me how easy deception can be if one has a pretty face and tons of charm. Marnie has probably always been flattered that Jesus looked up to her and thought he was handsome too. Jesus knows this and uses it to undermine Martonia showing that even though she seems all powerful now her weakness and insecurities still got the better of her.

Marnie’s basically getting back at everyone who ever wronged her. She’s power tripping and trying to claim self defense again to justify what she’s doing. She’s finally getting the respect she’s always wanted and likes everyone being afraid of her for a change. Sookie tries to appeal to Marnie by empathizing with her and we get another brief lesson in life according to Sookie. Good tactic Sookie but it’s not going to work out. The power has gone to Marnie’s head.

As a peeved Andy walks home in the dark he’s having a Gollum-esque moment and talking to himself. Out of no where a bright and shining light appears and poof! There’s a strange woman telling him to stay away. Before Andy can say V she blasts him with a bolt of light that knocks him on his rear. Now we all know it’s a faery but Andy doesn’t.What in the world does a faery want with Andy I wonder? Back at the garage Luna gets a call from Emma and when they check the call display Alcide recognizes his number which means Debbie is in big trouble.

Bill goads Martonia into coming out to negotiate. Knowing Sookie’s value as a pawn Martonia takes our favorite faery outside with her. Martonia orders her last vampire zombie to attack Bill and he throws the female fanger into the barrier. The poor vampire gets zapped and bursts and Martonia proudly reveals that her barrier zaps vampires like bugs because she has managed to harness the power of the sun in her protective shield. Bill and Eric demand Sookie’s release and Martonia readily agrees as long as there is a trade. She wants Bill and Eric to kill themselves. They agree and while Sookie cries Pam decides to take matters into her own hands and shoots a missile at the barrier despite Eric’s adamant command not to. It’s a move Pam is sadly going to regret but she loves Eric so much she is willing to risk his wrath. Eric should consider himself lucky to have someone so fiercely loyal to him.

Alcide arrives at home with Sam and Luna in tow. Luna’s relieved to find Emma, Sam is glad he’s found Marcus and Alcide is fuming mad. While Luna stays downstairs with Emma, Alcide and Sam head upstairs for a showdown. They enter the bedroom to find Debbie on the bed in her skivvies and Marcus standing there. Debbie loudly claims that nothing happened but we all know Alcide is seeing red and hearing steam come out of his ears instead of her voice. Sam holds a gun on Marcus but in the end they decide to duke it out mano a mano with no shifting for either of them. Marcus might be a badass but he’s never seen Sam angry and you better look out if Sam is on the warpath, and Sam is far down that path riding high on his righteous duty to avenge his brother’s death. Marcus doesn’t stand a chance.

Martonia and Sookie go back inside Moon Goddess and Martonia is still unaware that Jesus is planning to take her down. Jesus keeps preparing for the spell and warns Lala about the dark magic he’s about to use. Lafayette worries Jesus’ demon face might make an appearance and Jesus can’t guarantee that it won’t. Poor Lafayette. He just can’t get away from that face that scares the heck out of him. Jesus gives Lala the bloody dagger from Casey’s chest and dips a finger in the wound. He then proceeds to wipe some on his own chest, say an incantation and then suck the blood right off his finger. Revolting, yes, but we all know that blood is the magic ingredient that seals the deal for a potent spell.

The explosion dies down and the barrier is still intact. Bill checks to make sure Jessica is alright and she’s scolding him for so easily deciding to give up his life for Sookie. She warns him to never even think about it again when Jason moans in pain. He’s laid flat on his back his face badly burned by the explosion and blinded by it. Jessica just does what comes natural to a vampire and opens up her wrist to give him her magic boo boo healing blood. Jason’s lucky to have his very own fountain of healing but this will complicate matters even more between him and Jess.

While Andy was passed out on the ground the new faery girl was busy reading his mind. Her name is Maurella and she apologizes for blasting him explaining that she only blasted him because he smelled like a vampire hence he is one. She then proceeds to seduce Andy who is easily bewitched by her. Before they get together though she extracts a promise from Andy to protect her. She wants him to swear by the light and he does so eagerly even though he is perplexed about the light that appears in the tip of her pointer finger. They touch fingers to seal Andy’s oath and they start having sex just like that.

Now, knowing what we do about faeries I find all this highly suspicious. And even though there are most likely warning bells going off in Andy’s head right about now, he’s too enthralled by this beautiful creature appearing like magic and wanting him to care. I am surprised though that the E.T. finger didn’t phase him a little more. You should have read the fine print before you swore an oath to a stranger, Andy. If it looks too good to be true it probably is and all this ish that’s happening in the woods right now fits that saying perfectly. I have a feeling that Andy’s going to regret this one. Nice set up for next season though, yeah?

The fight is on at Alcide’s place and Sam and Marcus are throwing each other around the crowded bedroom. Alcide is keeping Debbie out of the fray and wouldn’t you know it but she’s trying to defend Marcus which isn’t winning her any points with Alcide. Sam wins the fight, proving his dominance by pressing his knee on Marcus’ throat and proclaiming that he must live with being a loser. Sam gets up and predictably turns his back on the defeated supe. Marcus’ eyes glow with a wolfy fury and he grabs for the gun intending to shoot Sam in the back. Alcide to the rescue once more. He tackles Marcus who shoots off a bullet and misses and Sam can thank Alcide for saving his life and doing the dirty work of killing Marcus.

Alcide hits Marcus in the throat and holds him down by his juglar looking like he’s barely holding onto his human form and not shifting into a wolf. Alcide manages to get a hold of himself but Marcus dies on the bedroom floor. He looks horrified just like everyone else in the room is and before Debbie can start pleading too much, Alcide severs the tie that binds them. It’s heartbreaking but Debbie must have seen it coming. I also think for Alcide this was an out for him. He saw his chance to leave Debbie and he took it. He knows what’s in his heart for Sookie and it was now or never for him to make a clean break, and this way he doesn’t have to admit to Debbie the truth of his feelings for another woman. This way it’s all on Debbie. That being said, I do think ending it with her caused him a good amount of pain. Poor Debbie. I wonder how long it will be before she blames Sookie?

Antonia divines the future in the pool of Casey’s blood that’s on the floor. What she sees frightens her. Seeing her own death prompts her to try and get the group to join hands once more and form a circle. She urges them to defend themselves against the vampires intent on slaughtering them by casting a protection spell. Yeah right, Marnie! No one is eager to join hands.

As Lafayette watches anxious and worried and a little scared, Jesus continues working his dark place magic to cast Antonia out of Marnie. He cuts symbols into his forearm then instructs Lala to tie Marnie’s pilfered scarf around his wrists. It represents the bond between Marnie and Antonia Jesus explains to his lover. Then he tells Lafayette to rub the mixture of herbs he’s put together into the bleeding markings. Yes, there is some powerful juju in the air.

Miraculously Martonia manages to convince everyone to join hands. Even Sookie joins the circle. Why they keep trusting Martonia I’ll never know. Protection spell my a**! Martonia is now able to weave a spell that controls the vampires outside like marionettes. Against their wills Eric, Pam, Bill and Jess start making their way towards the sun barrier. No matter how hard they try they are unable to resist. Jason is trying to pull the vampires away from the barrier but he can’t and is instead getting dragged towards the barrier too. He cries out in his mind for Sookie to stop this and luckily she hears him. With a blast of her faerie powers she busts the circle, stopping Martonia’s control spell.

Eric is livid. He’s so mad at Pam. I have never seen him be menacing like this to Pam and as she tries to explain that her actions were out of love for him he rages at her, telling her to get out of his sight before he kills her. Harsh words for a woman who loves you. This time Pam doesn’t hesitate to obey and disappears like her maker ordered. It’s so sad. I always knew Sookie was going to come between Eric and Pam. Eric isn’t thinking rationally, I know he loves Sookie and he’s furious that Pam’s disobedience could have killed her, but this is Pam, Eric. How can you forget that Pam would do anything to save you? Sookie is nothing to her compared to you. It was a simple choice for Pam to defy Eric in this and Eric surely broke Pam’s heart. Is it irrevocable? Maybe. It’s definitely a splintering of the tie that binds them, a moment in their 150 year old relationship that will alter the dynamic between them in some way. Just how bad it will be or just how it will change is yet to be seen.

Martonia is furious at Sookie and accuses her and everyone else of betrayal. Sookie tries to explain she didn’t do it on purpose and Tara even comes to her defense but Martonia is having none of it. She erects a circle of magical flames around Sookie.

Jesus is doing his best to work his brujo magic while Lala urges him to hurry before Sookie burns, and of course Jesus’ demon face manifests itself. Eric and Bill feel Sookie’s fear and Martonia finally feels Jesus’ spell, and it is working. Flames shoot out of the demon’s mouth burning the scarf Lala tied around Jesus’ wrists. Marnie struggles to hold on to Antonia but finally Antonia breaks free of Marnie and with a relieved look, her hands folded together as if in prayer, Antonia’s spirit evaporates. Jesus has saved the day, heroically breaking the link that bound Antonia’s spirit to the necromancer. This does not make Marnie happy. Sookie is also freed as the fire circle is extinguished.

With the shield gone Eric and Bill rush into Moon Goddess. Silly Roy stands infront of Marnie to protect her and Eric makes quick work of him, ripping out his heart and sucking blood out of one of the arteries like a straw right in Marnie’s face. It’s very scary and very Eric. Marnie is defiant to the end proclaiming that not even vampires live forever. Bill takes care of business and shoots Marnie in the chest a few times and once in the head, and with her death Marnie’s vision of her own demise comes to fruition.

Sam comes out of Alcide’s house to a waiting Emma and Luna. Emma asks where her dad is but Sam doesn’t tell her he’s dead. He and Luna just stare at each other. She probably thinks Sam killed him and even though she’s pissed at Marcus I don’t think she’d be thrilled about her new boyfriend killing her ex. Maybe.

Andy finally gets home to find everyone worried and Terry out searching for him. He tells Arlene about what happened to him but she writes it off as him being crazy because of the V. If only she knew the truth, hey Andy?

Bill has Eric glamor the recent events out of everyone’s mind, Sookie watches them and they watch her and it’s all very awkward. Jason thanks Jess for saving his life and admits that he thinks about her all the time. It’s messy and complicated and Jason knows he’s probably going to lose his best friend. Poor Bubba. Sort of. I’m still mad at him for how he treated Jess.

Lafayette and Jesus are at home in bed. Even though Jesus saved the day he lost a friend. And is it just me or does he look worried? Like his tampering with his magic that comes from a dark place might have negative repercussions? Lafayette is just proud of his partner and tries to make him feel better about everything. And just as you think everything is going to be alright who should appear hovering above the bed? Why it’s none other than Marnie’s spirit appearing out of the ether of the dead. Before Lafayette can say hooker, Marnie possesses him.

This does not bode well for anyone in Bon Temps. I can see everything going from bad to worse and to hell in a hand basket. Don’t you? I guess it isn’t over until Marnie says it’s over and something tells me that she’s going to be far more dangerous dead than she ever was alive. The finale can’t come soon enough. What do you think is going to happen?

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