TrueBlood “Trouble” With a Capital T!

Alcide TrueBlood Season 3 Trouble via SciFiMafia

Alcide TrueBlood Season 3 Trouble via SciFiMafia

Oh my Godric! Tonight’s episode was gooood! There was definitely “Trouble” with a capital T for a lot of the characters! Sookie, Alcide, Bill, Tara, Tommy. Gosh! Even Jesus’ interest in Lafayette has me skittish! Though I am happy as heck for Lafayette. He deserves some happiness in his life. Let’s hope it’s really something. Terry is another one I feel pangs for. I am so happy for him, but Arlene, you are fixin’ to break his heart. You may just break the man when it happens….and it will, because solid, lasting happiness seems fleeting for the residents of Bon Temps. Must be all the supernatural-ness in the air. It just seems to create drama (lucky for us Trubies though!).

BTW, Franklin, you are such a freak! But it’s all good, this is TrueBlood afterall, and being a wee bit (or majorly) unbalanced seems to be par for the course. Yet you are exceedingly good at your job! I must give you that.

And just what is up with the Mickens? What is Tommy hiding? Whatever it is, it’s sure to be shock worthy. Not shocking, however, is Jason’s habit of falling for the wrong women. Even when they admittedly have secrets they are unwilling to share with him, he just can’t help falling head over heels for ’em.

Eric is so_________ via SciFiMafia

Eric is so_________ I will let you finish that any way you want to!

Eric just keeps getting deeper and deeper. I love it, as Eric definitely is my favorite character. He is just so deliciously shameless and delectably jaded in so many ways. However, if I know anything, this is a sure sign of a character with a vulnerable heart, and we keep seeing tasty glimpses of it. He sure is taking his sweet time with Sookie, however.

One person not wasting any time is Tommy, making the moves on Jessica. I guess it can take less than 90 days, baby vamp J. And speaking of Jessica, she just keeps making me laugh with her antics. She seems to be getting on just fine on her own.

Sookie sure is fiesty, but Debbie looks like she can be rabid, so watch out Sookie. I don’t think even Bill can keep you safe. And Bill, I’m so glad you’ve stopped acting out of character, even if it was only long enough to warn Sookie. You’ve gained some redemption in my books….slightly. Unfortunately, it looks like you’ll be at the mercy of Lorena. Eric has some sort of agenda that may or may not have priority over his lust for Sookie, despite the heated flavor of his vampire fantasies. Looks to me like Talbot may be an unexpected tool in Eric’s arsenal. The Northman’s appeal seems to know no bounds.

So who will help Sookie now? Well, Alcide, it looks like she may be left in your very capable hands. You two just keep being thrown together. What an interesting foursome. Eric, Sookie, Bill and Alcide, oh my! Want to see something else interest peaking? Check out next week’s episode, compliments of!

~P.S.~ Things don’t look good for the Magistrate (he’s kind of a buzz kill, anyway. I won’t miss him!) or for Queen Sophie Ann. Can you say comeuppance? I just hope Pam makes it. I’m confident that Eric will make it in time, even if the king keeps putting him off. I can’t wait to find out what that power is that Sookie possesses. It’s amazing to everyone who sees it! Just what are you, Sookie? One thing’s for sure, TrueBlood doesn’t disappoint. It’s one show that always leaves you wanting more! Can’t wait until next week!

Images via SciFiMafia

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