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Back at the Emporium, Marnie has let the coven know that they are going to bring back a person from the dead. All they need is a dead body. This causes a ripple through the group, and some of them are for it and some of them aren’t.

Tara’s reading an issue of Good Housekeeping with Nan Flanagan on the cover which is hilarious. The mainstreaming has gone better than anyone had imagined. If you’re on the cover of Good Housekeeping you are a cornerstone of society. Hilarious. Anyway, Tara’s got one eye on the magazine and her ears on what the coven is up to. When she hears they’re going to raise the dead, she’s had enough and gets up to wait for Lala and Jesus in the front of the store.

Back at the Shifter Anger Management the group is sharing stories of the most messed up thing that they’ve ever done. Luna opens up finally and shares her lineage, childhood stories of the Skinwalkers and the stunning fact that she is one. Her mother died during childbirth and she feels responsible. Coincidentally if a shifter kills another shifter in their family they become a Skinwalker which means they can change into any animal including humans. Luna confesses to shifting into her mother which intrigues the group. Is this some foreshadowing? I think so.

Suddenly they smell something. Sam takes off running. It’s Tommy spying on the group. Tommy takes off running with Sam in hot pursuit. Liar, liar pants on fire, Tommy! His leg seems to be just fine. They morph into birds and the chase is on. Now how much of that private group convo did he hear?

Eric busts into the Emporium and makes a grand entrance which is just priceless. He sees Lala and says he didn’t know that Lafayette was a witch in that smooth, conspiratorial Eric tone we just love to hear. Lala is sufficiently apprehensive — to put it lightly — to see Eric and about the fact that Eric has seen him.

Sookie makes a visit to the loo and hears Jessica in the other stall. She knows that Jessica is up to no good so she tries to talk “sense” to the baby vampire. I forgot that Jess would be upset over Bill and Sookie’s break up. She tells Sookie how heartbroken Bill is and was and not to tell her how to be a good girlfriend since Sookie doesn’t know a thing about that.

“I can eat who I want,” proclaims Jess and marches back into the stall and back to taking a bite out of the fangbanger. And she’s irked so she’s not exactly being gentle about it. Evidently she doesn’t want or need Sookie’s advice.

Miffed, Sookie leaves Fangtasia snapping at the protestors to come up with a better rant.

Sam catches Tommy and they have it out. Tommy feels left out and lonely and accuses Sam of lying to him. Calling the kettle black aren’t we, Tommy? He admits to Sam that he wants to be brothers. But can they? Can they trust each other? Sam is open to trying. I hope this doesn’t come back and bite him in the a*s. Once they’ve agreed to work on their relationship, Tommy takes off before the “anger management” group catches up to them.

Eric is interrogating a nervous coven. I would be nervous too, and they’re right to be worried. Eric Northman on official Sheriff business is rather threatening. He’s looking for Marnie.

Eric lays down the law in no uncertain terms that is not open to negotiation. Seems Eric saves the negotiating for Sookie. The deal is the coven cannot meet. And they better not meet behind his back either because he’ll know. Instead of graciously and eagerly taking the deal, Marnie surprises us, showing her real nature. There’s some steel in that old lady façade she’s selling. “What’s in it for me?” she asks. Oh, the audacity!

Predictably this does not please Eric and he grabs Marnie and takes a bite out of her. “Why couldn’t you just take the deal?” he asks her. In a daring move, the witches band together. Holly leads them to join hands and they begin chanting in an effort to save Marnie. Meanwhile, Tara comes back from the front to see what all the commotion is about. She grabs a large wooden cross intending to stake Eric in the back.

Eric throws Marnie from him and grabs Tara by the throat, pleasantly surprised to see her. She’s next on the menu, but Lafayette joins hands with the witches so he can save his cousin.

That’s when things get real. The room darkens and Eric is gripped by a power that stops in him in his tracks. The power of the witches renders the great Eric powerless. It’s really quite painful to watch.

We see Marnie channeling an evil and powerful spirit, her face changing for a moment as the face of the spirit superimposes over hers. Marnie’s eyes flash with malignant fire, her voice booming and forceful as she says the spell that takes away Eric Northman’s memory of who and what he is. Wails of NOOOOOO! are heard in homes around North America, including mine, as we see everything we love about Eric dissolve away.

Bewildered to find himself surrounded by strange people, Eric whooshes the hell out of there. Released by the evil spirit she willingly channeled, Marnie the old woman comes back and claims not to know what happened. My a*s Marnie!

As we’re still reeling over what happened to Eric, we discover that Crystal and Felton can’t have a baby which is why they need Jason. But in order to make sure they have a panther to propagate the line, they have to make Jason a panther first. Jason is appalled to say the least. He can’t believe Crystal would do this to him, but we can, can’t we? Crystal and Felton shift into panthers and begin to bite away on poor tied up Jason.

Sookie’s driving home when she sees a shirtless Eric walking aimlessly by the side of the road. She pulls up along side him and calls out to him, but he has no clue who she is. At first Sookie thinks he’s playin’ but it doesn’t take her long to realize that something is horribly wrong. He begins to walk away from her but suddenly he catches a remarkable scent on the air. Following the scent he turns to her in child like wonder and asks,

“Why do you smell so good?”

I can’t help but curl up into a little ball and rock myself back and forth chanting, “It’ll be ok, it’ll be OK!”

This is all your fault Bill! Things are about to get even more MESSED UP! Next week can’t come soon enough. What did you think about tonight’s episode? Tell me what your thoughts are. I can’t wait to hear them.

And be sure to read my thoughts on the episode later this week!


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