Twilight Is Upon Us

The dreaded end of the boy wizard adventures is fast approaching, and his pop culture reign of literary success and as box office king is coming to an inevitable close. In so many ways it marks the end of an era for many children (who are tweens and teens and young adults now) who grew up watching the crew at Hogwarts. Of course before the end does come, we will squeeze every last ounce of enjoyment out of the sojourn of this franchise.Yet before we’ve seen the last of Harry and pals, we will surely quest for something new. It is in our nature, and we are a voracious and hungry culture, always looking for something to fill the void. Enter Twilight, the first book in the teen series written by the very talented and spellbinding Stephenie Meyer. The new saga is filled with vampires, teenage angst and the first stirrings of true, bittersweet love. It is a saga that is being feverishly and zealously feted by the teenage masses and movie studios alike. Indeed this phenom has vamped its way onto the New York Times Best Seller list and has cast a full on glamour on its bevy of readers. The movie is in theaters tomorrow , November 21st, and proves once again that teens rule the entertainment arena, and can and do drive the industry. It took me a while to get on the Stephenie Meyer train; I am after all a parent to a very busy youngling. During my travels over the past year, I would come across advertisements in book stores and in magazines, and I heard a buzz about a great new voice in the paranormal genre set to rival Anne Rice. I would stare quizzically at the huge Bella’s Choice posters, only vaguely aware that something big was happening. I was too preoccupied with adult endeavours to realize that this book was taking the world by storm and jumping off the literary pages and onto the silver screen faster than you could say bite me. So, now that I am aware, let’s shake off this cloak of jaded cynicism and adult responsibilities and willingly invite the phenomena that is Twilight to swoop down and fall upon me. Move over Lestat, Edward is here.

~P.S.~ There is a midnight screening of Twilight tonight at a theater in my neighborhood and we all know that there is nothing quite like the energy which accompanies the first showing of a highly anticipated film. I wonder how much Hollywood will deviate from the author’s vision in order to make a film which translates successfully to the screen? Either way, there are sure to be thrills and teeth. Stay tuned!

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  1. Toothy! article. I can't wait to see the movie. i wonder what they will do too!

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