Under A Nepali Moon – Blog Posts From the East Side of the World!

Under A Nepali Moon_View From the Top

Under A Nepali Moon_View From the Top

Hi all! There is a lot of action from my friends on the east side of the world! Check out all the fun via their blog! And don’t forget to follow @whosdan on Twitter!

Under A Nepali Moon

Under a Baan Nam Khong Moon

Jungle Flight. Zip line. LM’s idea. As we approach our Jungle Flight Center in the high hills of northern Thailand LM leans closer to Mum and says “Mummy, this is going to be scarier than I thought”. Almost on cue the van stops ,the door…[Read more…]

Under A Friday Night Moon

TV in Thai…

Under A Chiang Mai Moon

Zoomin’ around Chiang Mai on a motorbike. Can you say, “Click!”

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