Under A Nepali Moon – Have You Been Hugged By an Elephant Today?

Have you hugged an elephant today?

Have you been hugged by an elephant today?

At last! An update from my pals on their journey! Where are they now? Why Under A Chiang Mai Moon! Check out their view from the top! Have you been hugged by an elephant today? These are some spectacular pics!

Under A Nepali Moon

Under A Chiang Mai Moon

Some photo of Chiang Mai – Er, hey let me try that again – Some photos of Chiang Mai. I am starting to write the way I talk! We had the best train trip up to this fair city of the north yet. We have to try and get the same train car back to BKK. We spent a considerable amount of time looking at hotels for future consideration – more on that later – and bicycled all around the city. A great way to see Chiang Mai. Then we went elephant riding – we needed to be tourists again – and had a blast! Just awesome animals! We will… [Read more…]

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