Under A Nepali Moon – Where It All Began

Image via Under A Nepali Moon

Image via Under A Nepali Moon

I’d like to introduce a new blog I will be eagerly following aptly named Under A Nepali Moon. Dear friends of mine have taken a return journey to Nepal and I will be tracking their progress and adventures by following their blog. I will be posting excerpts here at The Scribe’s Desk with links to the blog so you, my dear readers, can read and follow along with me! And be sure to follow @whosdan on Twitter, the author of the blog! There is a link for the blog on my blogroll list as well as some new ones that you should check out. Enjoy and happy reading!

Under A Nepali Moon

Where It All Began

“Under a Nepali Moon” began with the idea of returning to Nepal for the first time in five years. Five years can seem like a long for anything and it can seem like an ideal time for anything as well. Five years ago we brought our daughter home from Nepal. Five years later we are returning for our first visit. While on the one hand it always to be a question of timing – and these days it is easier to say ‘I can’t afford to travel” or “I can’t afford the time” – it also seems there has never been a better time to hit the road for a bit. Hence “Under A Nepali Moon”. Five years later we are on the road again.

As we travel we are realizing that… [Read more…]

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