10 Female Characters with the Best Bad Behavior in Film

Who says it is not good to be bad?

Who says it is not good to be bad?

Actors have often said that playing a baddy is the most fun they ever had because they can just let loose. No restrictions, no couth, and often no conscience! When women play bad girl roles we end up with characters with behavior running the gamut from harmless rascal to downright dangerous. There’s no denying some of the most unforgettable roles belong to female characters behaving badly.

These characters are vixens, schemers, vengeful, plotting, and femme fatales that are a lot of fun — and shocking — to watch. Whether these females are manoeuvring people like chess pieces on a board, charming the unsuspecting into danger or out of fortunes, getting even, social climbing or just being straight up bad, these female characters are the best of the baddest characters in film. [Read more…]

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  1. haha good list mate you got the top 10 i rekons

  2. Glad you liked my list! Thanks for the kudos! I think you'll also like some of the lists I have planned for the next few weeks too. 😀

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