Amanda Seyfried Dons the Famous Red Hood

Red Riding Hood lurks into theaters March 11th!

Red Riding Hood lurks into theaters March 11th!

There seems to be a trend afoot in film these days where fairy tales are given a modern slant while still keeping the medieval trappings. I for one am all for it and I enjoy these “fairy tales for grown ups” kind of flicks. This spring, Amanda Seyfried dons the famous red hood as Red Riding Hood is brought to life in the most Gothic of ways, with a big bad wolf that looks to be the baddest wolf yet.

So enter Catherine Hardwicke. Yes, that Catherine Hardwicke. She is no stranger to dark and angsty films, and after Twilight, this seems to be a perfect match for her. I mean, after you’ve directed vampires, it should be no problem to make a movie about a big bad wolf. There is a definite don’t go into the woods kind of feel to it, and at its heart is the message that warns girls to stay away from bad boys. (Sound familiar?) On the surface, this film does have a… [Read more…]

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