Amber Frost by Suzi Davis Will Leave You Breathless

Amber Frost by Suzi Davis will leave you breathless and yearning!

Amber Frost by Suzi Davis will leave you breathless and yearning!

Amber Frost written by Suzi Davis will leave you breathless and wanting more. It is the author’s debut novel and is published as an EBook by ireadiwrite Publishing. It will leave such an ache in your chest for true love that you will never be able to forget this story. This has got to be one of the best stories for young adults that I have read in a very long time and rivals the pens of Lauren Kate, author of Fallen, and Alyson Noel, author of The Immortals series. Amber Frost is definitely a keeper for my EBook virtual library, and Suzi Davis has just become one of my favorite Young Adult authors!

Grace Lynn Stevenson should be a happy girl living and enjoying life to the fullest. She is beautiful, goes to a private school, is in with the popular crowd, and has the perfect boyfriend. Despite seeming to have the perfect life, Grace yearns for something else; a something else that she cannot put a name to because she should be happy with her life. Yet she is the perfect example that money may make life easier, but it certainly can’t buy you happiness. She has been living a restrained and cheerless existence despite her upper class upbringing and all the privileges that lifestyle comes attached with. Her days are filled with the incessant demands of pleasing and placating others, living up to their expectations, never being a disappointment to anyone, and basically being the picture perfect daughter for parents she barely sees or spends time with. And no matter what she does or how she looks, she still cannot seem to completely please her ultra critical and demanding mother.

That all changes the day that Sebastian Mattias Caldwood takes an interest in her and a drawing she is absently doodling one day in Art class. Despite him being a boy her parents would never approve of, he is someone she feels a strange and inexplicable pull towards and an attraction for. He is so intriguing and so enigmatic that his allure is undeniable and unavoidable. Yet he is a loner, a social outcast, and decidedly weird. Grace can tell by the way he dresses, his rings, his piercings, and the strange tattoo marking his body that he is someone she should shun mercilessly and have little regard for just like everyone else.

Despite all of this, for some reason, being around him makes Grace feel happier and freer than she has ever felt before in her entire life. She feels like a different person around him, he makes her think differently and act differently, he even says her name in a new way, calling her Gracelynn in his beautifully lilting voice and in such a way that it makes her feel more like herself than she ever thought possible.

Yes, anything feels possible when she is with Sebastian. Right from the very beginning of their friendship, Sebastian has promised to make her happiness his goal, and in return, Gracelynn will help him remember who he is. This is a tantalizing proposal to be sure. It isn’t long before Gracelynn realizes that there is a magic that surrounds this compelling boy who seems wise and ancient beyond his years. Their friendship blossoms and Gracelynn finds herself falling deeply inlove for the first time with Sebastian, who seems determined to keep her at arm’s length.

As Gracelynn revels in the thrilling sensations of first love and self discovery, there is a sense of foreboding that hovers at the edges of her mind, dreams and brief moments that hint at something incredible, frightening, and impossible all at once. She begins to wonder if being with Sebastian will endanger everything she holds dear and familiar to her, and if choosing to be with someone who may not be entirely humanly normal is really what she wants afterall. She begins to question how much one should relinquish, sacrifice, and change for true love. But when malevolent forces conspire to separate them, Gracelynn is forced to make a choice to give up the one thing she wants most of all and forfeit her one chance at happiness forever.

This is a story that warns you to be careful what you wish for, especially when the powers that grant those wishes know the truth of your every deepest desire. It asks us if love really is enough, and what is an all consuming love that lasts through the ages worth? Is what you want in the moment ultimately what you want out of life, even if you had forever?

I loved this book. Amber Frost was like reading two compelling love stories in one book. In addition to having a really cool title, it also had some of my favorite themes in it. The concepts of magic, immortality, reincarnation, danger, fate, destiny, and a love that lasts through the sands of time are all masterfully interwoven with a dash of history and a quest that will leave your heart sighing with longing. It will leave you wondering what you would do if you had a chance to have a soulmate, what you would do so that they would never slip through your fingertips, and ultimately, what would you do for love. Set against the gorgeous background of Victoria, BC, Amber Frost is a book you can devour in one reading, it will leave your heart yearning for a soulmate, true love, and is a story that will leave you breathless.

Amber Frost is available now for download at ireadiwrite Publishing. Want to keep this author on your radar? Visit her website to find out more.

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