An Interview with Kathi Carey, Award Winning Director of ‘One in Nine’

Separate stories of three individuals whose lives are
completely changed by the same three words:
“You Have Cancer.”
Crash and The Hours:
One in Nine … how many women do you know?

One in Nine was never a movie award winning screenwriter and director Kathi Carey intended to make. She had already said all she needed to say about a topic feared and endured by so many people with her acclaimed film Reflections of a Life. Yet there’s no stopping fate, and the demands of fans and her husband’s brilliant idea on just how she could make a feature film while keeping Reflections intact made it impossible for Kathi to ignore that she must make this film.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with Kathi about One in Nine, who also directed Worth which is a film that has also garnered numerous accolades. We spoke about One in Nine, 3 stories about breast cancer, but ultimately 3 stories about hope, courage and love. We also spoke about film and her passion for it, the web series Casting Q’s which is a program that gives casting insight, and festival advice for budding filmmakers. It’s an interview of great depth and honesty, and about the things that are important in this journey we call life…[Read more…]

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