Eva Longoria Before and After the Airbrush

This one actually blew me away. I thought I knew what Eva Longoria looked like. Now I realize that I only know what she looks like after the airbrush. It’s another example of how media dictates what standards of beauty should be, and that not even the most beautiful women in the world are good enough as is.

Airbrushing is no longer an after thought. Instead it is mandatory, a necessity, an absolute must! As mere mortals how can we, the general public, dare to compete or compare ourselves with these images? These severely photoshopped pictures should come with a warning label: not a genuine representation.

If we looked at pictures like these as art instead of how we should perceive ourselves in real life, then we could appreciate them for what they really are — make believe.

Which picture do you like better? Were you as shocked as I was with results of the airbrushing? Do you think the airbrushing was necessary?

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  1. I just love her! She is a very beautiful women!

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