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My best friend has decided to purchase a Burberry coat for this years Fall/Winter season.  That crazy girl, right? Today was a hot day in August with a chilly low of 19 degrees celcius and a high of bake cookies on your dashboard.

Why then is she getting this coat right now?

You probably think she must be crazy, but she is not. No siree. She is going to have the one-up on you come the rains. By the time you are thinking of running out to buy your Fall coat, there will be none left in the style you were hoping to get.

Or none left in your size and you may just have to fork over all your money in order to get that extra large size eight shipped out from the store across the country. You know the one — it’s the one that every one who should not have tried it on, tried on, stretched it,  scuffed it, smeared foundation on the collar — yeah, it’s that one they’ll be sending you.

Go out and get yours before its too late.

FYI ~ Gossip Girl alums Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) are big fans of trench coats and are seen wearing them quite regularly.

Burberry can thank their iconic trench coat for the fame their brand enjoys. I wonder if either of these gossip girls will sport a Burberry trench this season?

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Written by Havana Haven | The Scribe’s Desk Gossip and Fashion Correspondent who always has her well manicured fingertips on the pulse of What’s Hot! | Wardrobe Wednesday Contributor

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