Friday Night Book Review: Free Stuff Everyday by Mike Essex

Are you willing to think outside the box?

Companies WANT you to try their stuff for FREE WHAT? That’s what I initially thought when I picked up this book. Free Stuff Everyday by Mike Essex is a handy little book/tool that opens up a whole plethora of opportunities for free swag — if you are willing to think outside the box and step outside your comfort zone.

Mike’s idea operates on the basis of give a little, get a little. Filled with tips and knowledge, this book will leave you well equipped to ask for what you want. He actually gives you ideas and examples, not just vague allusions like I was expecting. Sometimes I thought, “I can’t believe he is actually sharing this stuff!”

He covers topics like how to initiate contact, gives you a template, and he even tells you what to do if you get rejected. Do’s and don’ts, safety tips, a micro course in PR and self improvement, he covers pretty much the gamut of the who, what, where, when, why and how to get freebies. There’s also a 30 Day Challenge where you can test drive your new found skills. He is confident that if you follow the steps in the book you will end up with a whole lot of free swag. He also lists his contact info for you in case you have questions. As I read, I felt like this book was a field guide to the world of swag.

As a blogger, I found some interesting insights and ideas that were definitely food for thought. Turn every idea into a “Unique Offer”. It makes the opportunities for free stuff seem endless. And his reasoning is actually quite sound.

Well written, clear, concise and engaging, Free Stuff Everyday is worth a read.

Free Stuff Everyday is self published by Mike Essex ISBN 978-0-9558518-2-7 and is available for download at Amazon US or at Smashwords. To learn more about Mike visit

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