Get Loaded with Kris Tualla: Day 2 of Blog Tour de Force

A Matter of Principle by Kris Tualla

A Matter of Principle by Kris Tualla

Welcome to day 2 of the “Get Loaded” Blog Tour de Force Indie Book Collective event. Our author today is the fantastic Kris Tualla. Her fantastic book A Matter of Principle is the second book on the tour.

A Matter of Principle is the continuing story of Nicolas and Sydney Hansen. Nicolas is running for the Missouri State Legislature and his wife Sydney is a midwife. Both of them are trying to make a difference in their world, but not everyone is supportive of their efforts. They both have enemies who are against their union and both of their endeavors. To make matters worse, a journalist is bound and determined to ruin their lives using anything at his disposal. Nicolas has to make a choice for his future and those he loves, and it will come down to a matter of principle.

A Matter of Principle is the third book in The Hansen Series and is definitely a must read! It’s available at Amazon, Smashwords, is available in paperback and many other e-Reader formats.

Check out this awesome Q & A with author Kris Tualla here on Mark of the Stars blog.

You can follow Kris Tualla on Twitter, and visit Kris Tualla’s blog and see what else she has going on! And don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a free Kindle!

Watch the A Matter of Principle book trailer on YouTube!

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