Hello World

Hello World!

This is the start of an exciting new journey for me, Kyra, your copy writer, book critic and future movie scripts pundit.

First I’d like to say cheers to you Athol, and thank so much for the support, assistance and the inkling. So hats off to you and quit burning the midnight oil.

Now, as a wise man once said, “Start blogging……” so, even though I’d love to be in Spain right now picking olives…….

A slew of taglines are dancing like sugar plums through my head…….grab the bull by the horns, that famous Nike one, to blog or not to blog……well, let’s run with it and see what happens.


Your Brighter Scribe….;o)

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Kyra Dawson

By day I'm at Brighter Scribe or blogging at The Scribe's Desk about fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mythology, movies, TV, music, books, humor and some other entertaining ish. I'm also a published author who enjoys random acts of writing, video gaming, the art of fangirlling, and indulging my Inner Perpetual Teenager diligently. I'm also a regular contributor at Cinelinx and am passionate about giving back to the community.

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