Johnny Depp’s Heart Is Open

I don’t really need to say much here because Johnny Depp has managed to say it all in one simple way. When I read this I felt compelled to share it. I have experienced this truth. You have experienced this truth. It’s a universal human theme.

Stories are sentences strung together. The very successful stories share this element, the infinite appeal of creating a feeling of connectedness. A connectedness that makes us feel like we aren’t so alone in the world, right?

For a moment, when I looked into his sad and mournful eyes I forgot all about the jaunty and roguish Captain Jack Sparrow, or the fact that Depp’s heart throb status has endured for decades, like he’s some kind of fine wine or something. For that moment I simply thought, Johnny Depp is human too. It made the world seem a little smaller and I felt more connected. Moments like that are wonderful so I wanted to share it with you.

And I was excited to feel spontaneous and create something without thinking about it. I just did it. Like my heart was open too. So, maybe I wrote this post because I’m a writer, maybe it’s because you are a writer or a creator in some awesome and entirely unique way, but whatever the reason I wrote this spontaneous post I hope it made you feel happy and connected too.


Image Source via @RachelIntheOC author of Broken Pieces


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