Kim Kardashian and the Big Juicy J

Every year, Juicy Couture comes out with the same suits over and over again. Then why do we still buy them?
We buy them because when we just don’t feel like putting in any effort to look cute, we still can once we zip up that precious j.

Coming out for fall once again is the velour suit. It always comes in a variety of dark fall colours in that soft and fuzzy, precious fabric. No one will bat an eye at you if you decide to leave the house wearing one, it’s OK to grocery shop, get your hair and nails done and go to the gym.

Almost indestructible, Juicy suits are so versatile and coveted by anyone who is anyone.

Was Kim Kardashian wearing one on her special day? You bet she was! Nowadays, Juicy suits are so in fashion that brides to be wear them on the way to the spa and even the big event because they don’t leave any clothing lines, and are easy to slip on and off. They are never fail wardrobe staples, and that’s why I will continue to keep buying “heather gray” over and over again.

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