Millan Foundation Spay and Neuter PSA

A couple nights ago the Millan Foundation Spay and Neuter PSA launched on the National Geographic Channel. In case you missed it, here it is.

Like Cesar Millan, I agree with spaying or neutering your pet. It’s part of being a responsible pet owner. Every second an animal is abandoned at an animal shelter because there aren’t enough forever homes for them. Every second.

Every year, animal shelters in the US euthanize nearly 4 million dogs and cats. In Canada, the number is nearly the same. That is approximately 8 million innocent lives lost, and that number only represents the deaths we are aware of. The actual number is probably much worse. Unwanted animals die from exposure, disease, starvation, poisoning, and even cruelty. It is not a fate that any living creature deserves.

So please, spay or neuter your pet. Don’t add to the number of lives lost. Help prevent it.

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