Music Monday: The Quiet Kind – In Front Of You

greys-anatomy-vampire-diaries-music-mondayThis song is just absolutely beautiful. I’ve got it on perpetual rewind. One thing I love as much as movies, TV, books and writing is music. In another life I would have been a composer. The only thing that speaks to me more than words is music. And it’s songs like these that make me glad we have music in the world.

These days TV and movies are a great way to discover new music. Music that otherwise you may never be exposed to. I watch Grey’s Anatomy religiously. And watching The Vampire Diaries is a very guilty pleasure. Yes. I admit it. So what do Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy and L. J. Smith’s Vampire Diaries have in common? Well, “It’s In Front of You”.

This song, “In Front of You” by The Quiet Kind was featured on both Grey’s (Season 7 Episode 22 entitled “Unaccompanied Minor”) and TVD (Season 3 Episode 7 entitled “Ghost World”). I hope you like it as much as I do.

And if you’d like to sing along, I’ve included the lyrics just for you. 🙂

Lyrics for “In Front Of You” by The Quiet Kind

House is cold
The days are long
Curtains closed
TV on

Why can’t you ever see
What’s in front of you

You might say
I’m heavy handed
I can’t say
I understand it

Why can’t you ever see
What’s in front of you

Tell me what Sara said
Did she swallow it


Honestly, I think Grey’s Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries has some of the best music on TV. If this got you in the mood for more check out these YouTube channels devoted to music from the shows:

Grey’s Anatomy Music

The Vampire Diaries Music


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