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tale-of-the-lost-swan-egg-cover2Will Persimmon and his friends save the day?

The entire park is a buzz with the news that very soon a baby swan will be born. King Arthur and Queen Zoe, Stanley Park’s Mute Swans are waiting patiently for their egg to hatch. Everyone else, including Persimmon Hare and his friends, are waiting impatiently for the swan egg to hatch. Everyone is unprepared when the precious egg goes missing.

Knowing that the baby swan could be in danger, Persimmon decides to help the king and queen find their egg. He organizes a daring search and rescue with the help of his friends. Determined to find the egg, Persimmon and pals embark on an adventure that will test their courage and have them meeting an unlikely friend along the way. They will overcome challenges and obstacles through the power of friendship and believing in themselves.

Join Persimmon, Curly Squirrelly, Penelope Skunk and the rest of the Stanley Park crew as they discover what it means to have faith in themselves and that anything is possible if you believe.

Written by Kyra Dawson and illustrated by Candice McMullan. Available worldwide at Foden Press and Amazon!

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