Red Riding Hood Movie Review

Red Riding Hood is a dark and sexy fairy tale for grown ups.

Red Riding Hood is a dark and sexy fairy tale for grown ups.

This isn’t a fairy tale for children, even if it feels and seems vaguely familiar. This is delectable fodder for anyone who likes angsty and complicated young adult love stories with an ever appealing supernatural element. It’s Catherine Hardwicke in her comfort zone giving us a dark and edgy fantasy with sexy stars and a rocking soundtrack, a mystical creature of myth in the neighborhood, and an adolescent love triangle.

The film’s origins are based upon the near ancient legend of a wolf and a little girl dressed in red, a tale that has been told since medieval times and has gone through more than one incarnation and varying adaptations. This is a 700 year old fable revisited and given a few clever twists that proves the lure of the werewolf is as tantalizing as ever…[Read more…]

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