Robin Hood & Russell Crowe Week At The Scribe’s Desk!

Russell Crowe In the Ridley Scott Film Robin Hood

Russell Crowe In the Ridley Scott Film Robin Hood

Can you tell I’m a big Robin Hood/Russell Crowe fan?

Ever notice how before a huge movie is about to come out in theaters, TV stations play all the movies that the star of the highly anticipated upcoming feature film is in? If that star happens to be one of your faves, then you could be in for quite the thrilling marathon. I guess this week is good for me then!

Well, Robin Hood is out this week — Friday to be exact — and it seems that this weekend was the weekend of Russell Crowe. I loved it. It was a crazy movie fest up in my house! All of RC’s movies are up on my Awesome Movies Playlist. I find I am answering a resounding “YES!” in answer to the question, “Are you not entertained?”

Since I am and have always been a lover of anything Robin Hood, all week at The Scribe’s Desk is Robin Hood and Russell Crowe Week! So as you can see, I’m certainly getting psyched up for Robin Hood. Are you?

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