Life Is Beautiful and the Disney Nature Series African Cats

On Earth Day April 22nd, 2011 Disney Nature Series brings you African Cats. The song by Vega 4 that they play on the trailer is creating a lot of buzz. This looks like a Disney movie that once again will bring you stellar vistas, breathtaking scenes in nature and heartwarming …

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A Beautiful Eclipse

In December my BFF sent me some beautiful pics of the lunar eclipse. Here they are for your enjoyment. Aren’t they wonderful views of the moon? Click on the pics to read the Under A Nepali Moon blog by my friends who are returning to Nepal after 5 years, to …

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A Wild Tale of a Grizzly Chasing a Bison Down the Highway in Yellowstone

You have to see it to believe it. So here it is. How terrifying would this be? And the guy who captured this life and death chase on camera had some kind of timing!

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