Sponsored Post: Heineken Beer’s “The Odyssey” Video Is Legendary Hilarious Authenticity

Heineken is legendary at The Scribe’s Desk. Heineken has done it again. Their latest campaign combines hilarious vignettes and a tongue in cheek defense declaring that their non actors are just real men with some pretty amazing skills. For reals. And all these legendary dudes have had their legendary-ness captured …

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Funny Or Die Is Cooking With Charlie Sheen

I just can’t help myself. This was so funny I watched it a few times. Happily, Charlie Sheen appears less manic and more in control of himself. And he is absolutely hilarious merrily mocking his previous catch phrases, grandiose references to himself, and winning recipes. He’s saying things like watered …

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BBC One Hilarious Animal Voice Over Video

This video from BBC One is absolutely hilarious. If this doesn’t tickle your funny bone, I don’t know what will! HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for sharing @Namiac! This is some funny ish! ROFL goodness!

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