Shrek Forever After Characters: Who’s Your Favorite?

OK, so who’s your favorite Shrek Forever After character? Cast your vote here and tell us here in the comments section at The Scribe’s Desk why that character is your fave! Shrek himself. Princess Fiona Donkey Puss In Boots OR Gingy Can you guess which one is my fave? Which …

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Youngling’s Pick of the Week!

This week it’s a double whammy! The Youngling recommends How To Train Your Dragon the movie and the books! She really liked them both. The movie was really engaging, funny and heartwarming. It really captured my Youngling’s imagination. Ever since she saw the movie, she can’t stop drawing, painting and …

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Will She Want To Watch Grey’s Anatomy When She Grows Up?

Well, if she does, she can. All the great TV show series will be sure to be on DVD, Blu-ray or whatever other fancy optical disc format is being used 20 years from now.

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