The Girls of Sucker Punch: Abbie Cornish

Will you be prepared for Sucker Punch?

Will you be prepared for Sucker Punch?

The girls in the upcoming Warner Bros. fantasy action thriller Sucker Punch do not mess around. It’s yet to be seen whether or not this movie will be a hit with audiences, but so far the buzz for this movie is reaching a fever pitch. Not since Uma Thurman kicked butt in Kill Bill and Angelina Jolie shot ’em up in Tomb Raider have we been this excited about women toting a bunch of guns and swords.

Abbie Cornish is Sweet Pea in Sucker Punch

Abbie Cornish is Sweet Pea in Sucker Punch

Abbie Cornish

Sucker Punch Role – Sweet Pea – there is nothing sweet about this pea in the pod. (Yes, I said it!) Described as stubborn, Sweet Pea, a natural born leader is the oldest and wisest of the group of five girls fighting for their freedom. A weapon’s master, Sweet Pea knows her business and won’t hesitate to cut a swathe through those who think to get in her way. Fiercely protective of her sister Rocket, Sweet Pea is reluctant to risk the status quo.

Where You’ve Seen Her Before: Elizabeth: The Golden Age – Bess Throckmorton – the beloved corset cinched lady in waiting of England’s greatest queen, Elizabeth I. Demur, ladylike and the object of Walter Raleigh’s desire and Elizabeth’s wrath, this character was an actual historical figure.

Breakout Role: Stop-Loss – fiancee of Sgt. Steve Shriver and friend of the film’s protagonist Sgt. Brandon King played by Channing Tatum and Ryan Philippe respectively. She helps Brandon as he flees across the country from an indefinite extension of service and the army he once served.

Her Next Project: W.E. – Wally Winthrop – a young unhappily married New Yorker in a film by Madonna. She meets a man named Evgeni at a Sotheby auction. She also happens to think King Edward VIII’s abdication of the British throne for the love of divorcee Wallis Simpson one of the most romantic stories ever.

Prognosis: a stellar addition to her film CV, this role will make her a bonafide sex symbol and place Cornish in a position of high demand.

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  1. This girl is a home wrecking h*! All she brings to the movie is t*a. Period.

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